First wave of Apple Watch apps lands on iTunes


Apple Watch isn't being too closely, err, watched. Photo: Apple
Apple Watch apps are ready for your wrist. Photo: Apple

Apple Stores won’t have the Apple Watch on display for a few weeks, but anyone eager to see what the world of wrist apps will offer can already download them to their iPhone.

The first wave of Apple Watch-supported apps started hitting iTunes today, with big names like Target, Evernote, WeChat and Expedia being some of the first out of the gate. You can’t actually use the Apple Watch functionality on the apps yet (unless Tim Cook hooked you up with an early unit), but you can get an early glimpse of how some apps will dramatically change your life.

Here are some of the first Apple Watch apps you can download and their features:

Target Won’t Sell New Beyoncé Album Because iTunes Had It First


Queen B, Apple, and Target do not all see eye to eye.
Queen B, Apple, and Target do not all see eye to eye.

Beyoncé rocked the internet last weekend when she released her self-titled album in the iTunes Store as a total surprise. In exchange for launch exclusivity, Apple gave her the red carpet treatment in iTunes and iTunes Radio. The move was a smart one, as Beyoncé is the fastest selling album in iTunes history, moving an insane 828,773 units within the first three days of availability.

Target, another big music retailer that prides itself on exclusive deals with artists, isn’t too happy about Beyoncé’s decision to go the iTunes route.

Target Arms Black Friday Shoppers With Improved Maps, Shopping Lists And New iOS 7 UI



America’s favorite shopping day is almost here and what better way to prepare your customers for the slaughters of Black Friday than a juicy new app update? Target has released a free update for its iPhone app that finally brings an iOS 7-friendly UI to the retailer’s app.

Included among the new features is an improved Shopping List that allows users to build lists faster with typeahead results and shows which items on your list are on sale. The new What’s In Store feature shows shoppers which products are trending along with popular Cartwheel offers and recipes. Target has also improved its Find feature with more accurate maps, but unless you live in one of the beta areas you’ll have to wait before your local store map is available.

Here are the full release notes: