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Almost Half Of Top iPad Apps Are Unavailable Or Unoptimized For Android Tablets [Report]


Almost half of the top 50 apps on iPad are unavailable or have not been optimized for competing devices that run Google’s Android operating system. That’s according to a new report from Canalys, which believes Google should be doing more to encourage top developers to build high-quality tablet apps for its platform.

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iPad Sales Slip In Q2 2013 As Android Tablets Increase Their Lead [Report]


For a long time after its launch, the iPad was by far the best-selling tablet on the market, and no matter how hard they tried, rival devices didn’t stand a chance of stealing its market share. But that’s all changed, according to the latest figures from IDC.

Android-powered slates saw a staggering 163% increase in the last year, and they’ve now overtaken the iPad and opened up a rather large gap in market share.

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EA’s Biggest Retail Partner Last Quarter Wasn’t Best Buy Or GameStop, It Was Apple


If you had to guess which of EA’s retail partners made it the most cash last quarter, you’d probably say Best Buy, GameStop, or another game store. But you’d be wrong. EA’s biggest partner last quarter was actually Apple, which helped it reach $90 million in sales on smartphones and tablets.

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You Can Now Read Your Favorite Flipboard Magazines In Your Browser


Flipboard is no longer a service that you can only enjoy on mobile devices. From today, more than 2 million magazines on every topic imaginable are available to read in your web browser. Each one boasts Flipboard’s signature look and feel, but they’re been optimized for the larger screen on your desktop.

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Microsoft’s iPad-Killer Lost The Company $900 Million Last Quarter


Remember when Microsoft unveiled the Surface RT last year and people said it totally makes the iPad and the MacBook Air obsolete? So far the Surface RT has been anything but an iPad-killer and according to Microsoft’s latest earnings, it’s losing them a shit ton of money too.

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We May Have To Wait Until 2014 For A Retina iPad Mini, But It’ll Be Worth It [Rumor]


We’re expecting Apple to refresh almost all of its iOS devices this fall — including the incredibly popular iPad mini. But a new rumor claims we won’t see it equipped with a Retina display until 2014, when it’ll also get a new design with an “almost bezel-free look.”

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Google Maps Gets New Design With Dedicated Tablet UI, Enhanced Navigation & More


Google has rolled out a major Google Maps update for Android smartphones and tablets, which is also “coming soon” to iPhone and iPad. It introduces a new design that finally boasts a dedicated user interface for tablets, as well as enhanced navigation and new features.

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HP Confirms It Will Re-Enter Smartphone Race With Something ‘Different’


HP famously gave up on its smartphone and tablet business back in 2011 when it announced that it would no longer be developing hardware powered by its webOS platform. But two years later, the company is planning to have another crack at it.

Yam Su Yin, HP’s Senior Director of Consumer PCs and Tablets, has confirmed that the company is already working on a new smartphone — one that will deliver a unique experience that you won’t get from its rivals.

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Apple Follows Google Into Charting iOS Adoption Figures For Devs


Apple has begun charting iOS adoption figures to help developers establish the percentage of users running different versions of iOS. Google has been doing the same thing for Android developers for some time, and Apple’s chart only highlights the massive difference in fragmentation between the two platforms.

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Removable, Reposition-able HandTab Wants To Be Your iPad Grip


If you’ve used an iPad for any significant amount of time, you know that after a while, it can get rather unwieldy to hold and use, especially with one hand. Gripping it on the side bevel is a decent sort-term solution, but the larger iPad just gets too heavy to make that a tenable stretegy for long, and even the iPad mini, with its significantly smaller bevel size, can be a challenge to hold.

There are probably a metric ton of iPad and other tablet cases out there that try to remedy this, adding bulk and unwieldy solutions along the way. In addition, cases that strap around an iPad can’t be used for other tablets or eReaders at all; they’re specifically tailored to each device’s measurements.

Two designers from Simi Valley, California aim to change all that with the HandTab, a medically-safe handgrip for the iPad and any other tablet you might own.

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