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Trade In Your Old iPhone At T-Mobile And Get A Free iPhone 5 Plus Up To $120 Credit


T-Mobile USA has announced a new iPhone trade-in program ahead of the carrier’s official iPhone launch on Friday. Customers who trade in their old iPhone 4 or 4S will see the $99 down payment for a 16GB iPhone 5 dropped to $0, plus they’ll receive up to $120 additional credit.

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France Telecom CEO Says Budget Smartphone Buyers Will Damage iPhone Sales


France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard says that budget smartphone buyers are threatening sales of Apple’s pricey iPhone. Consumers are becoming more frugal due to the state of the economy, particularly in Europe, Richard told Bloomberg Businessweek, and so they’re turning to cheaper options when it’s time to get a new cellphone.

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WSJ: AT&T Eyes Expansion Into Europe With Possible Carrier Takeover


AT&T could acquire a European carrier as it looks to expand its business overseas,¬†The Wall Street Journal¬†reports. The company is reportedly looking at way in which it can escape the growth constraints in the United States by entering a new wireless market where it can “upgrade technology and rollout more lucrative pricing strategies.”

Although AT&T is only identifying targets at this point, it’s though the company could announce a deal before the end of the year.

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T-Mobile USA Will Start Selling The iPhone And Cut Subsidies In ‘Three To Four Months’


T-Mobile USA will finally start selling the iPhone and enforce its plan to eliminate subsidies in “three to four months,” according to the company’s chief executive, John Legere. It will be the first time T-Mobile has offered in the iPhone in the United States since the handset was first released launched in 2007.T-Mobile USA Will Start Selling The iPhone And Cut Subsidies In ‘Three To Four Months’

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