Surf’s up anywhere, anytime with these motorized surfboards


The Carver, by Onean, lets you surf on any body of water.
The Carver, by Onean, lets you surf on any body of water.
Photo: Onean/YouTube

I live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, where life on the water is better-suited for walleye fishing than surfing. Yet places like Minnesota could provide the ideal bodies of water for a new kind of surfing with technology that puts motors and batteries into surfboards.

Vaavud Wind-O-Meter Measures, Magically, With Magnets



Usually when we mention a Kickstarter project it’s with a mixture of excitement (because it’s like a totally cool product) and disappointment (because it will usually be at least half a year before we see a product, if ever).

However, some of these products make it into stores. The Vaavud is one. It’s a no-power wind-meter which you can buy today.

iPhone Wind Meter Handy For Surfers, Cyclists And Weather Nerds


Better than licking a finger and holding it up.

If you had any doubts that the world of iPhone accessories could grow any stranger or more diverse, then throw them out now. The Shaka Wind Meter proves that there are still plenty of depths yet to plumb.

The Shaka is a simple little gadget: a fan that plugs into the headphone socket of your iPhone and tells you the wind speed. It’s made for surfers, but has many more uses than that.