Microsoft trade-in program pays you $300 to ditch Mac


Microsoft is giving extra love to Mac owners.
Microsoft is giving extra love to Mac owners.
Photo: Microsoft

Looking to get a new computer this Fall? Microsoft thinks it has an unbeatable offer with its new Windows Tradeup program offers customers $200 to trade in an old PC and buy a new one at a Microsoft Store.

The deal is even sweeter if you got a Mac though, because Microsoft says it’s willing to toss you an extra $100 your way to get you to defect from  Apple.

Tablet and PC shipments expected to decline faster than expected


El Capitan coming to an iPad near you?
El Capitan coming to an iPad near you?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Microsoft recently launched Windows 10 to the public, but it looks like that won’t be enough to help increase PC shipments next year as IDC estimates PC shipments will fall by -8.7% in 2015 and not stabilize until 2017.

PC shipments aren’t the only tech item on the decline either. Tablet sales are expected to decline even faster than IDC’s previous forecast of a 3.8%. The firm currently projects tablet shipments will drop 8% in 2015, however there is a silver lining for Apple.The 2-in-1 tablet market is expected to grow 86.5% in 2015, right as Apple’s preparing to launch the iPad Pro.

The new MacBook isn’t for you, it’s for the future 


Macbook 1
The new MacBook probably isn't for you. Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

The new MacBook is one of the most impressive pieces of technology Apple has unleashed in five years. It boasts a Retina display, USB-C, butterfly-hinged keyboard, Force Touch trackpad and terraced batteries. All crammed inside a body that’s smaller than the MacBook Air, made possible by a new fanless processor.

Despite being an unapologetically gorgeous piece of hardware, the new MacBook’s biggest weapon — the fanless processor — is also its greatest weakness.

Apple has placed the new MacBook in a category most people shouldn’t even consider buying, and that’s OK. The new MacBook isn’t for you and me, it’s for the future.

Microsoft borrows from Beats’ playbook in latest Surface Pro 3 ad



Microsoft’s $400 million plan to flood the NFL with Surface tablets hasn’t caught on too well this season. The hardware fumbled out the gate during preseason and even coaches and players have admitted the tablets are too complex to figure out, so in its latest ad for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has taken a page out of Beats’ marketing playbook.

The ad feels more like an commercial for NFL Stars than a tablet promotion and it’s got all the elements that have made Beats’ cinematic ads great: Pre-game preparations, close ups of super-star athletes, touchdowns, and some heavy rock music.

Beats launched a similar ad for its Studio Wireless headphones, only instead of starring super-star cornerback Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks, Microsoft’s ad features super-star quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch Microsoft’s NFL ad below and see how it compares: