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Microsoft scoops up beloved calendar app Sunrise

Sunrise has allegedly been bought for a cool $100 million.

Sunrise has allegedly been bought for a cool $100 million.

What’s better than buying one of the most beloved calendar apps for mobile? Buying two of them.

After snatching up Acompli in December, Microsoft has acquired Sunrise, another popular calendar app on iOS and Android.

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Sunrise Calendar jumps from iOS to Mac, with support for Facebook, Evernote, etc.

Sunrise for Mac

Sunrise, one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for iOS and Android, released a Mac version today.

It looks a lot like the existing mobile app and has many of the same features, including the functionality that sets Sunrise apart: direct integration with services like Evernote and Facebook.

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The App Store’s Dirty Secret: Apps Can Ask For Your Apple ID Login


In this era of heightened security fears, when headlines routinely shout about hackers stealing millions of personal records in a single digital heist on some of the nation’s biggest companies, you should never be handing your Apple ID and password over to anyone who isn’t Apple. Yet that’s just the permission that the new Sunrise calendaring app asks when you first load it up, and not only is there no rule against apps doing so in Apple’s internal guidelines, but Cupertino’s actually awarded Sunrise with a coveted spot in the “Featured” section of the App Store.

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Sunrise May Be The Best Calendar Alternative For Your iPad


When Sunrise Calendar got its big iOS 7 makeover last fall, it solidified itself as one of the leading third-party calendars in the App Store. The biggest thing it was lacking was an iPad version—well, until now. Released last week, Sunrise had made its way to the iPad, and it’s great.

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