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Spider Monkey Utility Belt Hooks Turn You Into A Photographic Batman [Review]

There's some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey -- forever -- is a clock.

There’s some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey — forever — is a clock.

Spider Monkey by Spider Holster
Category: Camera Gear
Works With: Anything
Price: $17

I was going to ditch the standard review format for this post and instead make a gallery of different objects hung on my belt Using the neat little Spider Monkey accessory holster.

That was until I discovered that the adhesive tab that helps hold the Monkey’s Tab onto the target accessory is not reusable. Well, that might not be strictly true. It might well be reusable, but I will never find out because it is almost certainly unremovable.

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Prismatic iPhone Lens Lends Photos A Perpendicular Perspective

Perverts rejoice! Now there’s an iPhone accessory which will let you shoot pictures of pretty girls in public without anyone ever knowing. And it’s even better than a specially adapted camera, because you can just pretend to be like checking your messages or whatever.

It’s called the HiLo lens, and it puts the “can” and “did” into “candid.”

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Spigen’s Classy Leather Diary Case Sticks To Your iPad — Literally [Review]

Spigen diary 8

The Diary is so minimal that it's missing a magnet

Spigen’s all-glass iPhone and iPad screen protectors use some special kind of silicone gloop to stick them in place, but that same gloop can be found in one of Spigen’s cases. It’s called the Diary, and as it consists of just one sheet of folded leather, it’s about as minimal as you can get. It’s also pretty classy, and has one huge, glaring omission.

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