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Never mind the Apple Car, Woz is backing Cadillac


Woz currently drives a Tesla, although he says a Cadillac CT6 is in his future. Photo: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak thinks the future is all about self-driving cars, but don’t expect him to be putting his money on the rumored Apple Car.

That’s because the Apple co-founder has signed a deal with Cadillac which will see him not only appear in marketing for the firm, but also offering his thoughts in a technical consulting role.

“I will be meeting with Cadillac, offering tech ideas on what belongs [in future vehicles] and what doesn’t,” Woz told a group of more than 200 people attending a recent presentation hosted by BBVA Compass Bank.

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Read the first ever article written about Apple

Woz and Jobs in their early days at Apple.

Woz and Jobs in their early days at Apple.

Apple’s not exactly hurting for press coverage these days. There was a time, though, when the company was desperate for any bit of publicity it could drum up. That time was February 1977, when The Apple Computer Company spoke to Kilobaud magazine for a multi-page feature article.

I don’t know whether my favorite bit of the resulting article is the crowing about 10 Apple computers selling in three weeks (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold 10 million in their opening weekend) or Steve Jobs not yet mastering the art of selling by admitting the machine “is not for everybody,” but it makes for fun reading nonetheless.

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Play with Jobs & Woz phone phreak machines without breaking the law

A phreaker box on display. Photo: Marcin Wichary/FlickrCC

A phreaker box on display. Photo: Marcin Wichary/FlickrCC

Way back in the day (1972), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed and started selling “blue boxes,” devices that generated specific tones that would game the telephone networks of the day (called “phreaking.” These would allow phone phreaks to make free long distance calls, for instance.

It was illegal then (the two Steve’s inspiration, “Cap’n Crunch” Draper, was sent to prison for five years for his own phreaking attempts), but you can get the same fun minus the jail time now at a new website that emulates the blue boxes of yesteryear.

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Woz needs our help to become a Madame Tussauds wax figure!

Woz needs your help! Photo: Robert Scoble

Woz needs your help! Photo: Robert Scoble/Flickr CC

It’s time for the Cult of Mac to mobilize. Apple co-founder, Segway enthusiast and all-around snuggly bear Steve Wozniak has won many honors and awards over the years, but this could be the greatest one yet: He’s up to be turned into a wax figure at Madame Tussauds!

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Woz: Apple wasn’t built to sell $17,000 watches

Steve Wozniak. Photo: HigherEdWeb/Flickr CC

Steve Wozniak seems to have mixed emotions about the upcoming Apple Watch. Photo: HigherEdWeb/Flickr CC

Steve Wozniak seems to have a complex relationship with both modern-day Apple and, particularly, the Apple Watch. In an interview at the Automate/Promat Show in Chicago yesterday, Apple’s co-founder said Apple’s foray into high-end wearables marks a very different turn for the company he helped to found.

“It didn’t seem like the company we started,” he said. “That’s not the Apple that moved the world forward.”

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Woz says Apple would never hire him or Steve Jobs today

Woz and Jobs in their early days at Apple. Today, they'd have been looking at job rejection letters.

Woz and Jobs in their early days at Apple. Today, they’d have been looking at job rejection letters.

Steve Wozniak thinks he and co-founder Steve Jobs could never have found employment at the company they created together, had they been in their twenties in 2015.

“I look at the experience and education levels you need to get a job at Apple today and I think, ‘Well, Steve Jobs and I never could’ve gotten a job at Apple today,'” Woz told The Australian Financial Review in an interview.

The reason, he says, is that the rigorous Apple hiring process (like the ones at other tech giants like Google and Microsoft) would never have favored two college dropouts like himself and Jobs. This bias means the companies are potentially missing out on finding the next person to come along with a world-changing idea.

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Tesla, blackjack and burgers: Woz tweets his Reno roadtrip


It’s kind of like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, only with Tesla instead of acid. And in Reno. Photo: Steve Wozniak

Given everything we know about him, you wouldn’t have ever expected Steve Jobs to tweet out his hotel room number, details of a greasy meal at Chili’s Grill & Bar, or brag about winning $300 at blackjack in Nevada.

That, in short, is what separates Jobs (and, indeed, Tim Cook) from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Woz recently took a road trip to Reno with his wife in his $100,000 Tesla — pausing only to send out a string of entertainingly wacky tweets to his 370,000 Twitter followers regarding hamburgers, Segways, an unnamed “blackjack system” he’s been working on and, naturally, a number puzzle that revealed exactly where he was staying.

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Steve Wozniak declares FCC’s net neutrality ruling a ‘victory for the people’


The Woz is happy about today’s FCC ruling.

Today the FCC made a historic move to protect net neutrality. By reclassifying ISPs under Title II of the Communications Act, the internet is now regulated like a utility.

“While some other countries try to control the internet, the action that we take today is an irrefutable reflection of the principle that no one, whether government or corporate, should control a free and open access to the internet,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler during a packed meeting today in Washington DC.

In attendance at the meeting was Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who called the FCC’s decision a “victory for the people.”

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Cadillac ad credits Woz with inventing the personal computer

Steve Wozniak made an appearance at the Oscars. Photo: Cadillac

Steve Wozniak made an appearance at the Oscars. Photo: Cadillac

Martin Scorsese’s iPad ad wasn’t the only Apple-related spot at last night’s Oscars. In addition, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak popped up in an advert for Cadillac, in which he was described as “a college dropout [who invented] the personal computer.”

Selective history notwithstanding (the Programma 101, Micral N and Altair all have claims to being the first personal computers, while the Commodore PET was the first mass-market model), the ad is particularly interesting given the recent news about a possible Apple Car.

Check out the ad after the jump:

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Want a shot at playing Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie?


Seth Rogen (left), Steve Wozniak (right) and… you?

Always dreamed of playing Apple’s lovable cofounder Steve Wozniak on-screen, but think you missed out on the chance when Hollywood comedian Seth Rogen was cast in the role for the upcoming Aaron Sorkin/Danny Boyle Steve Jobs biopic? Well, there may be time yet — provided you’re based in the Bay Area and are available for filming next Tuesday, February 24.

According to a casting call posted on the industry website, Rogen is in need of a body double for anyone who bears a physical resemblance to the funny man actor. You could even pick up a cool $162 plus overtime for doing so.

The ad reads as follows:

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