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The ninja’s daughter: Child star of Kill Bill will play Steve Jobs’ kid

"And today I took out the head of Samsung with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique." Photo: Miramax

“And today I took out the head of Samsung with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.” Photo: Miramax

The role of Steve Jobs’ eldest daughter Lisa Jobs in the upcoming Universal movie biopic was previously described by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin as the story’s “heroine.”

Given some of the A-list names that have been associated with the project, it’s therefore something of a surprise to hear that the role has apparently been awarded to 17-year-old actress Perla Haney-Jardine.

If your reaction to that news is “who?,” you’re most likely not alone. Up until she won this part, the Brazilian-born American actress is best known for playing the four-year-old daughter of Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo and Bill in 2004’s Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Not exactly bad training for playing the daughter of the often steely tech-ninja Steve Jobs, perhaps!

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Steve Jobs’ yacht is half Apple Store, half beach house


This is how the head of Apple ought to relax! Photo: Woods Hole Inn

For a man who played a part in coming up with some of the most gorgeous designs in recent history, I’ve never been too sure about the surprisingly bulky appearance of Venus: Steve Jobs’ 256-foot super-yacht.

With that being said, however, a new crop of photos showing the €100 million vessel in full ocean-going mode definitely makes me rethink my views on the subject.

Half-summer house and half Apple Store, it looks every bit the kind of vacay destination that would have helped Apple’s late CEO recuperate after a new iPhone launch — had he ever gotten the chance to use it.

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How Elon Musk channels his inner Steve Jobs

In the driver’s seat of Tesla, the tech veteran of PayPal and SpaceX has shown he can think different. Plus, Elon Musk's recent move to allow Tesla patents to be used by anyone in good faith is a world away from the senseless bickering over rectangles in the Apple-Samsung patent war. Photo: Zobacz Zasady/Wikipedia CC

Working for Elon Musk would be a familiar experience for anyone who worked at Apple under Steve Jobs. Photo: Zobacz Zasady/Wikipedia CC

Silicon Valley has a lot of very bright people, but there are very few who ever reach the level of Steve Jobs. One who might come close is Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has actually been able to use his visionary take on the future to snatch away senior execs from Apple to come and work for him.

According to a Musk employee writing on Quora, however, it’s not just employees that Elon shares in common with Apple’s late co-founder and former CEO.

Much like Jobs, Musk is described as having a ‘reality distortion field’ that helps him convince others that what they view as impossible doesn’t have to remain that way.

And it’s not always a pretty sight.

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How Steve Jobs helped build a new Disney, this week on The CultCast

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, Circa 1930

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Circa 1930

This week, on our maiden episode of 2015: The story of an iOS developer who gave a gift so generous, it went viral; discovering new apps and podcasts on iTunes is an awful experience, but we know how to fix it; plus, how Steve Jobs contributions helped rebuild a struggling Disney…

And stay tuned for an all-new CultCast 2nd Hour, where pro photographer David Hobby shares his favorite tips and tactics for taking great travel photos, his bag-worthy gear, plus his street photography advice will help you not get punched…

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How Steve Jobs helped build a new Disney, this week on The CultCast

Full show notes ahead!

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How Steve Jobs bailed out Restoration Hardware

What was once Restoration Hardware is now a SoHo Apple Store. Photo: Flickr

What was once Restoration Hardware is now a SoHo Apple Store. Photo: Flickr

Real estate in New York? It just ain’t cheap. In fact, it’s so expensive that even if you have a successful business you might not be able to afford it.

Case in point? Look no further than Restoration Hardware. The American chain of home furnishings, hardware, and outdoor and garden products may be worth over a billion dollars in revenue as of 2012, but Steve Jobs once had to personally bail the company out.

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Apple’s spaceship HQ is beaming up a 100-year-old barn

This 98 year old barn will find a second home on Apple Campus 2. Photo: Cupertino Historical Society

This 100-year-old barn will find a second home on Apple Campus 2. Photo: Cupertino Historical Society

Apple’s new spaceship headquarters is poised to be one of the most futuristic corporate buildings in California once it touches down, but to help the campus stay connected to its roots, the company is painstakingly preserving a 100-year-old barn built by pioneers who settled the area.

Visitors at Apple Campus 2 will notice the bright red barn sitting next to the new fitness center as part of Apple’s effort to transform the land surrounding the campus from 80 percent asphalt and concrete, to 80 percent greenery and open space.

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Disney CEO tells how Steve Jobs ‘shaped his thinking’

Photo: Tom Bricker

The relationship between Apple and Disney strengthened under CEO Bob Iger. Photo: Tom Bricker/Flickr CC

Apple’s partnership with Disney goes back way further than the latter company’s recent decision to accept Apple Pay at Disney World. At the time of his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the single biggest shareholder of Disney stock as a result of it acquiring his company, Pixar, in 2006.

Jobs got on particularly well with Disney CEO Bob Iger, who called Jobs in 2005 and asked if he could repair the damage that had been done to the Apple/Disney relationship under former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

That relationship is examined in a new Fortune profile of Iger, which describes his six-year friendship with Jobs as the “relationship that has most shaped his thinking.”

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Here’s your chance to be in the Steve Jobs movie

"You like me, they really like me!" Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

If you ever wanted to be front row center for the 2007 launch of the iPhone, it may not be too late! Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s troubled Steve Jobs movie has had difficulty holding onto its cast members, but there’s a way you can help change that: by putting yourself forward for a role.

Beau Bonneau Casting is looking for San Francisco-based extras to appear in the movie when it starts shooting in late January 2015.

Here’s everything you’ll need to do to stand a chance at making the movie, just in case you ever wanted to be in the audience for one of Apple’s product launches (and, frankly, who wouldn’t?).

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Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie starts filling out cast with supporting roles

The Woz (left) and Andy Hertzfeld (center) at an original Apple Computer Users Group meeting in the 80s. Photo: Tony Wills

The Woz (left) and Andy Hertzfeld (center) at an original Apple Computer Users Group meeting in the 80s. Photo: Tony Wills

Aaron Sorkin’s ill-fated Steve Jobs script is starting to actually become a reality, even after pretty much everything about the project was unearthed by the hacking of Sony Pictures.

After nailing down Michael Fassbender as Jobs and Seth Rogan to play Steve Wozniak, the film’s cast of supporting characters is starting to fill out.

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How Steve Jobs’ high school covered the Apple II launch in 1977


Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak revolutionized the computer world with the invention of the Apple II, but back in 1977 when they created the unbelievably simple home PC, few people realized the enormous impact it would have on the “small computer field.”

Case in point, look at this article from the Homestead High School newspaper talking about its alumnus’ new company Apple Computers, in a ‘aww isn’t that cute, they sold 200 computers’ sort of way. The article above was published in the The Epitaph on May 20th, 1977, just a few weeks before the first Apple II units went on sale, and went on to become the first computer to sell 1 million units.

At the time of publication Apple had just moved out of the garage and into an office in Cupertino with eight total employees. One of Apple’s first employees, Chris Espinosa was still in high school at the time and was interviewed by the paper for the article on Jobs and Woz’s new company. Along with revealing that you used to be able to get Apple’s top software engineer to build you a custom app to do whatever you want, the high school junior presaged the idea of a Genius Bar, decades before the first Apple Store opened.

You can read the full article below:

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