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Machine Crush Monday: Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store turns 8

It takes a lot to be both New York City’s most photographed landmark and Apple’s most beautiful retail store. It’s rare that a shop can genuinely be said to take your breath away, but in the case of New York’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store, it lives up to its reputation — and then some.

A big glass box with a glass elevator in the middle, as well as a see-through staircase, complete with wrap-around glass banister, it’s a little bit like Apple’s long-forgotten (but spectacular) Power Mac G4 Cube — only so big that you can shop in it.

Grossing more than any other store in New York, and making more dosh per square foot than any other store in the world, exactly eight years after it opened its doors, Apple’s flagship retail store has become an iconic part of the New York landscape.

And like a lot of the best Apple products, it owes it all to Steve Jobs.

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Steve Jobs lands with a thud in controversial mattress ads

"You, go out and get me the softest mattress you can find!"

“You, go out and get me the softest mattress you can find!”

Someone in global ad agency Oglivy & Mather is clearly thinking different (read: not really thinking at all) because they’ve featured Steve Jobs as one of the historical figures in a bizarre, and bafflingly offensive, ad campaign for Indian mattress company Kurl-On.

The theme of the ads is the idea of bouncing back (because, you know, mattresses have bounce in them) with famous people shown recovering from low points in their life to “bounce back” to greater levels of success. Jobs’ own advert shows him being booted out of Apple in 1985, only to return to glory as the creator of the iPad.

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The secret sushi spot Steve Jobs used to host board meetings


Notorious vegetarian Steve Jobs had few weakness. Black turtlenecks were one. The other was an extreme love of sushi.

Some of the West Coast’s best sushi places dotted Steve’s backyard, but Kaygetsu, a small sushi spot in Menlo Park, held the key to Steve’s heart stomach so tightly that Silicon Valley’s most impatient CEO could be spotted waiting up to 30 minutes like a normal pauper just to get his tongue on some hamachi.

Jobs loved the place so much he had a surprise birthday party for his wife there and even crammed Apple’s board of directors into the tiny restaurant for board meetings.

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Apple loses canny PR queen who crafted air of mystique


Katie Cotton, the woman in charge of Apple’s worldwide corporate communications is undocking from the mothership after nearly two decades of service at Apple, according to a report from Re/code.

Cotton has been one of Apple’s top ranking female VPs since joining the company 18 years ago and has been crucial in shaping the media narrative around pretty much every product from the iPod to the iPad.

Apple spokesman Steve Dowling had the following to say about Cotton’s departure:

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iConfused: Crazy Japanese fashion line stars Steve Jobs as a sexy anime girl


Of all the many,many, many manga takes on Steve Jobs we’ve inexplicably seen in recent years, this one is by far the weirdest.

Depicting Apple’s late founder as, um, an attractive young lady with a come-hither stare, the gender-switched CEO is gracing T-shirts across Japan.

Originally created as the central character of Chocolate Apple, an unusual manga biography tribute from the illustrator of IS <Infinite Stratos> and the Xenosaga series, the mascot now seems to have taken on a life of his/her own, as a fashionista of sorts.

Somehow I suspect that when Apple began considering entering the wearables market, this was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

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Steve Jobs is the most influential person of the past 25 years, says CNBC


CNBC has named Steve Jobs the most influential person of the last 25 years. On a list entitled “First 25: Rebels, Icons & Leaders,” Jobs ranks above the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet — along with the founders of Google, Amazon, and other tech giants.

The organization claims Jobs deserves the spot because, “his vision spurred changes far beyond his industry and put an indelible stamp on the wider culture.”

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How to build Steve Jobs’ stereo system, circa 1982


If you don’t have several hundred million in the bank, and a massive company to lord over, it’s hard for us normal folk to emulate Steve Jobs.

But you could build a sound system like Steve’s.

Based on an iconic portrait of Jobs in his almost empty Woodside, California home in 1982, Wired pieced together the various stereo components needed to build a hi-fi system, endorsed by the man with a taste for nothing less than excellence.

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This awesome Steve Jobs tattoo is the most lifelike we’ve ever seen


We’ve seen some incredible tattoos of Steve Jobs before, but this has to take the cake.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Approached To Play Steve Jobs in Biopic

A young DiCaprio being directed by Boyle more than a decade ago.

A young DiCaprio being directed by Boyle more than a decade ago on the set of “The Beach.”

Now that David Fincher isn’t in the running to direct Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, Christian Bale probably won’t star. As Sony searches for someone else to helm the project, another director and star actor combo have been added to the mix.

Oscar-winnng director Danny Boyle is reportedly in early talks to direct the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And he has approached Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jobs.

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Tech Workers Want Evidence of Steve Jobs’ Bullying In Court Case


Apple is still waging a legal war with Samsung, but the company is already bracing for a new battle that threatens to entangle Apple with its foes Google, Adobe and Intel against a pack of angry tech workers who say the four companies were in cahoots on a no-hire agreement.

According to the latest court filings, the 64,000 tech workers represented in the class-action lawsuit claim that Apple and the other companies should not be allowed to limit evidence about Steve Jobs in the upcoming trial, no matter how unsavory it may be.

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