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Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Will Retire At The End Of September


Apple has today announced that Peter Oppenheimer, its senior vice president and chief financial officer, will retire at the end of September after 18 years with the Cupertino company. Oppenheimer will transition the role of CFO to Luca Maestri, Apple’s current vice president of finance and corporate controller.

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Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley Poster Pays Homage To Steve Jobs


This image showing aspiring Silicon Valley legends sure looks… familiar.

Don’t worry, though: this isn’t the cover of a strikingly original new Samsung biography, but rather a teaser poster for Mike Judge’s upcoming HBO comedy series, Silicon Valley.

Borrowing its iconic pose from the 2006 Albert Watson portrait of Steve Jobs commissioned by Fortune magazine and used for the cover of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography, the poster references Jobs as the ultimate example of the startup-founder-made-good.

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David Fincher Reportedly In Talks To Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic For Sony


Oscar-nominated director David Fincher is in talks to direct Sony’s upcoming biopic about Steve Jobs, according to Variety. If Fincher did direct, it would team him up yet again with writer Aaron Sorkin. The last time the two worked together was on The Social Network.

Fincher is currently finishing up post-production on his latest movie, Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck. He directed the first two episodes of House of Cards and is an executive producer for the show. The last project he directed for Sony was 2011’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Aaron Sorkin finished his script for the Jobs biopic earlier this year. He has said in the past that the story will be divided into three distinct acts, and each act will take place backstage at an Apple keynote. No rumors on casting yet.

This Hideous Statue Of Steve Jobs Could End Up In Apple HQ


Like some totem out of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series, a bizarre and grotesque statuary tribute to the late Steve Jobs was unveiled in Belgrade, Serbia today. Even more bizarrely, Apple may have liked it enough to put it on display in one of its Cupertino offices.

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Celebrate Steve Jobs’ Birthday With This 1985 Video Tribute


Today marks the 59th birthday of Steve Jobs, who was born February 24, 1955.

To mark the occasion, here’s a video tribute created by several Apple employees for Jobs to mark his thirtieth birthday in 1985:

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Return To Sender: Steve Jobs Is Getting His Own Postage Stamp Next Year


The U.S. Postal Service will sell a collectable stamp of Steve Jobs in 2015, according to a document obtained by The Washington Post. The design of the stamp is still being developed, and the exact date of availability is not yet known.

The late Apple co-founder has become even more of a cultural icon since his passing,. His memory and legacy continues to be honored in everything from Smithsonian exhibits to the Grammys.

Other notable figures to appear on postage stamps next year include Johnny Carson, Ingrid Bergman, Elvis Presley, and James Brown.

This Steve Jobs Portrait Was Made Out Of 20lbs Of Electronic Waste [Updated]


San Francisco artist Jason Mecier has just unveiled a new portrait of Steve Jobs, composed entirely out of e-waste.

Created using 20lbs of electronic waste — including cell phones, iPods, headphones, Mac keyboards, CD-Rs, batteries, mice, and memory sticks — Mecier’s portrait is a meticulous recreation of the iconic 2006 Albert Watson photo of Jobs originally commissioned by Fortune magazine.

The original image was most famously used for the hardcover jacket of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 Steve Jobs biography.

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How A Young Steve Jobs Stole The Spotlight In National Geographic

(Credit: National Geographic)

(Credit: National Geographic)

To coincide with Steve Jobs’ appearance in the National Portrait Gallery’s new “American Cool” exhibition, Cult of Mac had the opportunity to speak with Charles “Chuck” O’Rear — the photographer who took the 1981 portrait of Jobs currently on display.

O’Rear, 73, recalls Jobs being aloof and preoccupied but — despite being young (he was just 27) — carried a real aura that this was someone who couldn’t be ignored.

“We had barely heard of him at the time,” O’Rear says. “With the same project I ended up photographing names like David Packard and Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard, and Bill Noyce of Intel — all of who were better known than Steve. But there was a sense that Steve was a renegade, and so we should make sure we get his picture.”

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Treasure Hunters Find Steve Jobs’ Long-Lost Lisa Mouse [Video]

(Credit: CNet/Mike Durkin)

(Credit: CNET/Mike Durkin)

Footage has been released of a television crew discovering an original Lisa mouse used by Steve Jobs. The mouse was one of a collection of miscellaneous items found inside a time capsule in Aspen, Colorado.

Jobs had visited the area in 1983 for the Aspen International Design Conference — during which he delivered a speech predicting many of the Apple technologies which would come to pass during his lifetime — including the iPad, wireless networking, and even the App Store. Afterwards, Jobs was one of several conference attendees who donated objects for the “Aspen Time Tube” which has now been recovered.

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Steve Jobs Featured In New Exhibition At National Portrait Gallery

Last week we revealed that Steve Jobs was set to feature in a forthcoming exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, titled “American Cool.”

With the exhibition having now opened, this is the portrait of the Apple co-founder that curators Joel Dinerstein and Frank H. Goodyear III chose to use: an image taken by photographer Charles O’Rear — perhaps most widely known for his digitally augmented “Rolling Hills” background used for Microsoft Windows XP.

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