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Stephen Colbert still loves Apple in first Late Show teaser

Colbert's got a new show, a new beard, and a new watch.

Colbert’s got a new show, a new beard, and a new watch.

Notorious Apple fanboy Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show from David Letterman in September, and while he’s not bringing his ultra-conservative persona, his love of Apple products is still burning bright.

In the first promotional video for his new show, Colbert is seen wearing a white Apple Watch to go with his new white Colbeard. As he gears up for his new hosting duties, he decided to test a few different facial hairstyles before the show’s premiere.

Check out the funny promo:

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Stephen Colbert’s iPhone 6 comes pre-loaded U2 nudie pics


Apple fans across the U.S. are eagerly awaiting their chance to caress the biggest iPhone screens ever made, but America’s #1 fanboy and late-night show host Stephen Colbert got his iPhone 6 delivery a little early.

Colbert immediately dismissed his iPhone 5s as “worse than useless” after pulling out the iPhone 6, but Steve’s unit came pre-loaded with a little extra suprise: nude photos of U2 frontman Bono.

Watch the funny segment below:

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See Stephen Colbert go absolutely crazy about Apple Watch


Tim Cook and the team at Apple seemed mighty proud of their incredible Apple Watch achievement yesterday, but Cook’s excitement was just a flash in the pan compared to the world’s truthiest Apple fanboy: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert

The late-night news show host was seen catching up on the iPhone 6 keynote when show started last night, but once the Apple revealed the device that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your wrist, Colbert unleashed an explosive celebration and capped it off by making his boring dumbwatch as obsolete as possible.

Stephen even managed to get an exclusive look at the upcoming WristPad. Check out his hilarious Apple Watch segment below:

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Ashton Kutcher: Steve Jobs Was Kind Of Like A Great Football Coach [Video]


Getting into the psyche of any major historical figure is a difficult task, especially when you’ve never even met them, so to sympathize with Steve Jobs’ dick-ish behavior for his role in JOBS, Ashton Kutchers says he thought of Steve as kind of like a great football coach.

During an appearance on The Colbert Report, Kutcher says he can totally relate to why Steve Jobs berated people, because his high school football coach/uncle used to throw temper tantrums to make the team better too.

Kutcher told Colbert that he also thinks the way Steve sought love and appreciation from people was by obsessing about making perfect products for them, so that kind of justified being an asshole to people.

Here’s the full interview:

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Shocker: Bill Gates Admits Steve Jobs ‘Was Always Cooler Than Me’


Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. I’ve always relished any opportunity to see either of the two information-age titans reference the other (this ultra-rare instance of the two sparring side-by-side during an All Things Digital conference still gives me goose bumps).

In this case, it was Bill Gates in his first appearance on the Stephen Colbert show last night when Colbert gingerly brought up Steve in the last moments of the conversation.

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Stephen Colbert Skewers Siri: “Only A Matter Of Time Before She Loses Her Job To The Mexican yoPhoñe” [Humor]

The Colbert Report
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It’s not just Robin Williams making fun of Siri on national TV these days. Wry faux-conservative Stephen Colbert picked up his iPhone 4S the other day to address the recent controversy over Siri’s inability to find a single abortion clinic in New York, which Colbert describes as such an impossibility (“There’s one at the top of the Empire State Building”) that he summarily declares Siri to be a pro-life, racist arch-conservative, “like Laura Ingraham, except less robotic.” But who can blame her? As Colbert points out, it’s “only a matter of time before she loses her job to the Mexican yoPhoñe.”

Very funny. If you like Colbert, check it out.

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Even Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs [Video]


He’s one of the most important men in the world – or at least he plays one on TV – but even Stephen Colbert paused to take a few moments yesterday in his show to pay tribute to Steve Jobs passing. Stephen has long been an Apple gadget fan, and in this fitting segment he looks back on the times he has showed off his new toys on the show. Classic Colbert, and another example of the impact of Steve Jobs.

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