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Pick A Photo Format In iOS 7 With A Simple Swipe [iOS Tips]

Photo Swipe

Want to capture a square image from the get-go, rather than cropping in Instagram later? How about Taking a panoramic photo or a video? If you have an iPhone 5s, you can take a slow motion video, as well.

It’s pretty easy to get these options, though it may not be as intuitive to find. Here’s how.

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Apple’s Lightning Creator Shrinks Square’s Card Reader Nearly In Half


Today Square unveiled its new card reader with a design that’s nearly half the size of the original. By ditching clunky stock components in the first Square Reader, the mobile payments pioneer has created a smoother card swiping experience and sleeker, tapered design the second time around.

How did Square achieve such drastically improved hardware in only one revision? Apple’s former head of accessories, who led the development of the Lightning connector, was in charge.

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Square Cash Lets You Send Real Money To Anyone Over Email For Free

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.56.10 PM

Square has unveiled a new product called Square Cash that lets you send anyone money from your bank account through email. You compose a new email to the person you want to pay, cc (sorry, you need Javascript to see this e-mail address), put the amount in the subject, and send. No hidden fees or strings attached.

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Square Register iOS App Can Now Record And Track Payments, Reconcile Cash Drawer

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 3.01.30 PM

Mobile payment startup Square has updated its Register app with several new features. Both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app can now record and track payments, including checks and gift cards. On the iPad, merchants can reconcile their cash drawers using the app’s clean interface. The portable SM-S220i printer can now be used to wirelessly print receipts from the app via Bluetooth.

The Apple Store and Best Buy recently started carrying Square’s iPad stand that helps turn the device into a point-of-sale machine.

Square Register is available for free in the App Store.

Square Launches eCommerce Portal To Take On Etsy And eBay

Despite new technologies for mobile payments, customers trust familiar companies like Apple.

Square has quickly risen to popularity thanks to its clever credit card payment system for iPhone and iPad that has been adopted by small businesses across the country. To compliment its payment system, Square  launched the Square Register last month, and today it just introduced its new eCommerce portal called Square Market.

Square Market is an online marketplace for businesses to list and sell their goods across the U.S. (think Etsy or eBay). Anyone can open a store for free with items photos and a profile of your business. You can even post items directly to Twitter to generate interest in your business.

Here’s what Square’s Director of Discovery, Ajit Varma, had to say about the launch:

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Square Cash: Send Cash From Your iPhone Via Email

Square Cash: Send Cash From Your iPhone Via Email

I’m strictly a cash-only kind of guy. I like my purchases to be anonymous, I like to deprive the credit-card companies their slice of the transaction, and above all I like the feel of the greasy, germ-laden slips of paper in my fingers. 1

However, I recognize that sometimes you just don’t have any cash. Like when you’re supposed to be splitting the dinner bill and your friend ends up paying yet again because you “don’t want to split this fifty.” Well now your sorry payment-dodging days are coming to an end, my friend. Why? Square Cash.

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Square’s Newest Piece Of Hardware Turns Your iPad Into A Cash Register


Square is quickly becoming one of the most convenient and coolest ways for small businesses to process transactions. If you’ve ever visited a shop that uses Square you’ve probably seen a number of improvised iPad cash registers, but Square just debuted its own iPad register called Square Stand.

The Square Stand will go on sale starting June 8th for $299, but you can already pre-order it on Square’s website. The new hardware is to be utilized in conjunction with the Square Register app that is already used by thousands of businesses across the country.

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Jack Dorsey Believes The iWatch Will Be More Valuable To Users Than Google Glass


As the CEO of Square, and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has quickly become one of Silicon Valley’s most admired CEOs. His Square payment system is quickly changing the way consumers buy things, and it’s making businesses and consumers interact on a more personal level.

Square’s goal is to make payments quicker and easier for both business and consumers, so the company has an intense interest in wearable tech. When asked in a recent interview whether he thinks Google Glass is an interesting product, Dorsey answered that he doesn’t see much value in Google Glass right now, but he’s intrigued by devices that wrap around the wrist – like Apple’s rumored iWatch – because they feel more natural.

When asked whether he’s looked into Google Glass, Dorsey had the following to say:

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Square Announces “Business In A Box” Package For Merchants And The iPad

An iPad, Square, and an internet connection is all you need to run a small business.

An iPad, Square, and an internet connection is all you need to run a small business.

Square, the mobile payment startup that lets you pay for your coffee with an iPhone app, has announced a new product for small business owners. Since Square already specializes in helping merchants use the iPhone and iPad to process payments, the company is launching what it’s calling a “Business in a Box.” The package includes an iPad stand, cash drawer and optional receipt printer. It lets Apple’s tablet totally replace a traditional cash register.

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Square Integrates With Apple’s Passbook To Help Promote New Gift Card Feature

Square Integrates With Apple’s Passbook To Help Promote New Gift Card Feature

Square, the Apple-like mobile payment service that’s all the rage right now, just integrated with Passbook in iOS 6. Before you get too excited, the integration only allows iPhone users to store and use the new gift cards that can be sent via the Square iOS app. Square lets you pay for your stuff with your bank credentials while Passbook still does not.

Now you can send a digital gift card from any merchant that partners with Square, and the recipient can choose to open the gift card in Square’s Wallet app, print it off, or use it in Apple’s Passbook.

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