Final Fantasy VII, Square Cash and other awesome apps of the week


Ready for some great apps?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s the weekend, which means that it’s time to relax, kick off your shoes, and download some great apps. And, man, have we got some picks for you this week!

Check below for our list of the best of the apps of the past 7 days, which demand a place on your Apple device right this moment:

Square Cash introduces the best bet to kill checks


Photo: Square
Photo: Square

Square Cash is one of those few apps I can show my non-techy friends and immediately get a wide-eyed, “whoa” kind of response. Its ability to quickly send and receive money is super slick.

Today two big changes to Square Cash will make it an even more attractive peer-to-peer payments service. First, anyone can now create a web profile for accepting money without needing a standalone app. Second, businesses and nonprofits can get in on the action.

Cash is but a text away with Square Cash 2.0



Splitting dinner checks with friends in the age of credit cards and no cash has become increasingly complex, but Square Cash for iOS just received a huge redesign and feature update today that makes paying back a buddy as easy as sending a text.

Square Cash 2.0 now enables anyone to request money from up to 25 people at once, even if they don’t use the app, and best of all there aren’t any fees.