Airmail Is A Gorgeous New Mail App For Your Mac, And It’s Just $1.99


If you’ve been looking for that perfect mail client for Mac since Sparrow sold itself to Google, then now’s the time to stop and check out Airmail, a gorgeous new mail client that just hit the Mac App Store.

It actually looks a lot like Sparrow, and it’s designed to provide you with a “modern and easy-to-use experience.” But it’s packed full of great features to give you everything you’ll ever need for your email. It’s also a bargain at just $1.99.

Evomail, Like Sparrow For iPad Was Never Euthanized


Remember Sparrow? Of course you do – it was the best e-mail app for the iPhone, and the only app for Gmail that didn’t suck. Then Google bought it and killed it before the team could release its iPad version.

Well fret not, dear Gmail-using iPad user – we have good news. Evomail is a new thing which exists, and it’s kind of like Sparrow for the iPad.

Tweetie & Letterpress Creator Will Let Anyone Use ‘Pull To Refresh’ Unless They Are A D*ck



Loren Brichter is a legend amongst iOS developers. The 28 year old developer is the creator of Tweetie, which eventually became the official Twitter app. He’s the guy behind fan favorite word game Letterpress. He’s the creator of ‘Pull To Refresh’, cell swipe and slide-out panels that have become synonymous features in mobile app development. Yet few people who aren’t app and design junkies even know who he is.