NASA’s space shuttle to fly again – or at least pieces of it


NASA recently pulled the water tanks from the space shuttle Endeavor.
NASA recently pulled the water tanks from the space shuttle Endeavor.
Photo: California Science Center

If you get to a museum to see one of the shuttles that actually flew in space, your jaw may drop. Just don’t mind the guys pulling parts from it.

NASA recently sent engineers to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to dust off the mothballs of the space shuttle Endeavor and remove four water storage tanks for future use aboard the International Space Station.

Two Zero-G iPhone 4s Are Now In Outer Space Aboard Final NASA Space Shuttle Flight


The Space Shuttle Atlantis just took off from Cape Canaveral, launching into outer space in what will be the last launch of NASA’s historic shuttle fleet. Aboard the shuttle are not only the crew of astronauts and the hopes and dreams of hundreds of millions of Americans, but a very special payload: two custom, zero-G iPhone 4s.

Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch Also Captured on Video by iPhone


Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch (photo: Stefanie Gordon)

Yesterday brought the news of a very stunning photograph of the Space Shuttle Endeavor launch, captured on her iPhone by (now-famous) Stefanie Gordon from Hoboken, NJ while on an airplane flight in the area. The photo has gone viral, and it turns out Gordon captured a short video of the event too.

Steve Jobs Wanted To Be an Astronaut, Nearly Flew On Challenger [Crazy Rumors]


Earlier this week, I was interviewed by a Russian TV crew about Apple. They were a bit surly and aggressive, not like polished, ingratiating TV people here in the U.S.

They kept asking strange questions about Steve Jobs, as is if he were a crooked oligarch. “Vy does Steve Joybs vant to be dictator? Vy does he vant to dominate ze vorld?”