Logitech UE Bluetooth Boombox: Lusciously Hot And Really, Really, Unbelievably Good [Review]



We’re very stingy with our five-star ratings, and it’s even more rare for us to slap all five onto a gadget.  So pay attention — because today we’re awarding the full five stars to the Logitech UE Boombox ($250), a portable, battery-equipped, eight-driver Bluetooth speaker that sounds absolutely astounding. In fact, the Boombox does a better job of rocking out than some non-portable, home systems costing much more.

Blue Microphones Releases the Spark Digital, Its First Serious, Studio Microphone for The iPad



Just like Blue Microphone’s non-digital Spark, the new, Digital Spark microphone has been put together with an armful of we’re-not-playing-around components and features. Things like a beefed-up condenser capsule, a Focus selector that toggles between a low-frequency bias and a detail bias, and an adjustable desk stand with shock mount. But this Spark is built for iPads (or iPhones); though its USB connector means it’ll work just fine with your MacBook Pro, iMac, Sony Vaio, Samsung Galaxy Tab or anything else with a USB input.

Soundbeam Looks The Part, But Is It Really Any Use To Anyone? [Review]


That's me saying
That's me saying "Cult of Mac" that is

How often do you want to know what sounds look like? I’m guessing not very often, unless you’re a musician. But if you do want to know what sounds look like, and you want to know it in the most stylish and good-looking way possible on iOS, you can’t go far wrong with an app called Soundbeam. It’s just beautiful.

WavTap Grabs Sound Clips As Easily As Snapping Screenshots


WavTap records sound with a keyboard shortcut.



Snapping a screenshot on your Apple device is dead easy: home-plus-sleep-button for iOS, and Command-Shift-4 (or others) for the Mac. But what about snapping a sound-shot, i.e. grabbing a snippet of your system audio?

Well, you could fire up Quicktime and start dickering around with that. Or you could install WavTap and then hit Command-Control-Space.


IPhone Boom Mic Adds Sound-Sensitive Proboscis To Your iDevice



There are plenty of add-on lenses for the iPhone’s great camera, but if you’re shooting movies, the sound is still going to suck. The iPhone’s mic does a fine job of picking up sound, but maybe it picks up a little too much, or maybe it gets freaked out by a little wind and starts to sound awful?

What you need is a boom mic, and luckily Photojojo will sell you one specifically made for the iPhone.

Last Chance To Grab A Set Of Sphear Speakers [Deals]



If you’re tired of moving your main speakers from place to place and don’t want to put headphones on (or in) your ears every time you want to hear music while you’re on the go, this soon-to-end Cult of Mac Deals offer is for you. The Sphear speakers we’re offering go beyond your bedroom. Take them anywhere and play them on any of your Mac devices. For the size, the sound is flawless and for a very limited time we have this speaker set on sale for only $20! And yes, that includes shipping!

Here’s the catch with this deal: once all 200 of these Sphear speakers are gone, this sale is history…and this deal is only available to a shipping address in the 48 continental United States.

Bring Shape To Your Music With Sphear [Deals]



With the minimal lifestyle becoming all the rage — and the idea of having something that can be used in both stay-at-home and travel situations, the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is bound to turn some heads. Not just because of the savings, but because the Sphear speakers we’re offering (albeit only 200 of them, so hurry) cater to both of those ideals. The benefit of these speakers goes beyond your bedroom. Take them anywhere and play them on any of your Mac devices.

But once all 200 of these are gone, this sale is history! So take advantage while you can. For the size, the sound is flawless and for a very limited time we have this speaker set on sale for only $20! And yes, that includes shipping. (Please note this deal is only available to a shipping address in the 48 continental United States.)

iOS’s Slide To Unlock Sound Is Actually The Click Of A Vice Grip Opening



As we all well know by now, the smallest decision in an Apple product can be the sort of thing that Cupertino designers can have spent man years deciding upon, experimenting with iteration after iteration until inspiration finally and serendipitously strikes. But this obsession with detail isn’t just visual: it goes right down to the sounds you never think twice about.

Here’s one great example, shared by sound designer Jim McKee on the 99% Invisible Podcast. The sound of your iPhone or iPad unlocking itself? It’s actually the sound a vice grip makes opening itself up.

Make The Volume Ultra-Quiet [OS X Tips]



Here’s how to access a secret setting to make your Mac’s volume very quiet indeed—ideal if you’re trying to listen to something in a very quiet room where somebody else is working or sleeping, for example. As a tip this can be filed under the category, “Cool! I never knew that!”.