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Apple Music coming to Sonos, but there’s bad news

Soon you'll be able to blast Apple Music through your Sonos speakers.

Soon you’ll be able to blast Apple Music through your Sonos speakers.

There’s good news and bad news for Beats Music and future Apple Music users alike. Apple has confirmed that the new music service will arrive for Sonos apps and speakers, but unfortunately not right away. It turns out integration won’t be ready in time for the big launch tomorrow, June 30, but the two companies are working together to bring Apple Music to Sonos as soon as possible.

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Sorry Sonos lovers, Apple Music won’t play on your speakers

Apple Music is a music service like no other.

Apple Music is a music service like no other.

Apple Music could be the best music service for mobile devices ever created if it lives up to the hype Eddy Cue danced into it during today’s keynote, but it won’t play nice with Internet connected speaker systems like Sonos.

Sonos speaker lovers won’t be able to jam out on their favorite tunes through Apple Music, the company revealed in a statement today. While Sonos has been a supporter of Beats Music since 2014, the company confirmed says Apple’s not ready to focus on home listening yet:

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Psychedelic new Sonos logo will put you on a music trip

Sonos' new logo is trippy (Pro Tip: scroll up and down while looking at it).

Sonos’ new logo is trippy (Pro Tip: scroll up and down while looking at it).

We love Sonos speakers here at Cult of Mac. In fact, we can barely make it through our Faves and Raves segment on the CultCast without Leander waxing poetic for the sleek wireless speakers.

The company just teamed up with Bruce Mau Design to create a new psychedelic logo that’s nearly as entertaining their HiFi systems that let you beam sound to any room in your house. If you scroll up and down the page you’ll notice a pulsing effect on the logo, similar to a bass thumping speaker.

There’s no mention on Bruce Mau Design’s website as to whether the optical illusion is intentional. If not it’s an awesome accident. Go ahead and wiggle the page up and down to experience the the visual effect yourself.

Sonos makes its speaker system easier (and cheaper) to set up

Sonos Bridge gets the boot for a simplified setup

Sonos simplified its setup process by giving the Bridge the boot

Sonos’ incredible wireless speaker system is getting even easier to setup now that company has announced its $50 Bridge that was required to stream music to any Sonos speaker in your house, will now be completely optional.

A new firmware update for Sonos will make the Bridge – which had to be connected to a router via an ethernet cable to work – nearly obsolete today, allowing users to connect Sonos speakers directly over Wi-Fi rather than setting up a proprietary network.

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Sonos app gets redesigned with universal search and plenty of new options

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 5.11.18 PM

If you listen to the CultCast, you know how much our own Leander Kahney loves Sonos. It’s actually kind of scary.

You don’t have to feel as strongly as Leander about Sonos to appreciate the major update to its remote app that’s available today in the App Store.

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How Sonos Used Clever Software Engineering To Make A $50 Gadget Obsolete


It’s not often that a company announces that they’ve figured out a way to make people stop paying for a piece of hardware by purposely making it obsolete, but that’s just what Sonos has done.

Sonos has just announced that thanks to clever programming, they have figured out a way to make their $50 Sonos Bridge device — a gadget that plugs into your router to allows you to stream music in perfect sync to the Sonos speakers throughout your house — completely obsolete.

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7 Awesome Companies Apple Should Buy After Missing The Boat On Oculus


When Facebook snapped up virtual-reality company Oculus VR this week, it got us wondering what other interesting startups Apple might want to buy before Mark Zuckerberg can get his hands on them.

While Oculus is most well known for its Rift gaming headset, Zuckerberg sees a far more wide-ranging application for the company’s VR tech, envisioning it as a futuristic communications platform. “One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people,” he said in his post about the acquisition.

That’s the kind of big thinking Steve Jobs brought to the table when he talked about the way the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad would change the way people interact with technology. While Apple rarely dips into its $150 billion cash hoard to buy other hardware firms, here are seven awesome companies whose technology could help Cupertino enhance and improve its existing devices — as well as build entirely new ones.

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Samsung Unveils $400 Shape M7 Wireless Speaker


Samsung has today unveiled Shape M7, a $400 wireless speaker that hopes to compete with the Sonos. It connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC, and there’s a handy companion app that makes setup easy on Android and iOS devices.

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Sonos PLAYBAR, An iPhone-Controlled Soundbar For Your TV

Sonos PLAYBAR, An iPhone-Controlled Soundbar For Your TV

Sonos’ new PLAYBAR does two things: The first is to add a hefty, sound FX-pumping speaker bar to your underpowered HDTV. And the second is to provide a temporary respite for my otherwise vestigial CAPS LOCK key.

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Amazon AutoRip Gives You A Free MP3 Copy Of Every CD You’ve Bought Since 1998


Amazon has today launched a new music service called AutoRip, which offers customers a free MP3 version of every album they’ve bought on CD from Amazon since 1998. The service currently boasts more than 50,000 digital albums from all the major record labels, and Amazon insists that new titles are added on a regular basis.

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