Keep Your iPhone Charged With A Solar Battery Pack


Monster Watts 640

Raise your hand if your iPhone has run out of juice at the worst possible time? Yeah, I’m sure that’s most of you. Certainly me. That’s why I have a battery pack case for my iPhone. While it’s good, it does have a little flaw—I still need to plug it in to charge.

Now a solar pack can help eliminate some of this need. No, not all, but let’s say, a lot. The Monster Watts case acts not just as a batter pack, but it has solar panels so you can recharge your phone wherever the Sun shines!

Changers Charger Powers Your Phone With The Sun [Review]


This panel and charger have changed the way I power my gadgets. Photo Charlie Sorrel(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
This panel and charger have changed the way I power my gadgets. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Since I got the Changers solar charger to test, I haven’t plugged a USB-chargeable device into anything else (with the exception of my iPad). Changers comes as a kit containing a solar panel and a battery pack, along with a a bag of tips that fit most cellphones and gadgets. But this description doesn’t do justice to what is a rather excellent and useful device.

Solio’s Rocsta Solar Charger is Flexible, But Lean on Juice [Review, Earth Day]



The iPhone is a phenomenal tool for a bit of tromping about in the bush; navigation, stargazing, photographing/filming and even staying alive can all be accomplished with the help of the little gadget. That is, if it’s got any juice left.

Solio’s Rocsta ($80) — a solar panel mated to a thin slab of a battery in a sleek, flat, user-friendly housing — seems to have been created with a nod to minimalist adventurous types who want a rugged, no-fuss solar charger aong on their next Iditarod or photo shoot for National Geographic.