Make yourself an online marketing master [Deals]

Attract more users with this live course, and earn two diplomas in the process.
Attract more users with this live course, and earn two diplomas in the process.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Marketing in the digital age comes with a whole new set of tools, concepts and challenges. Social media, SEO, video content, the range of avenues to promote a brand or product are are a vast topic, but we’ve found some great lessons for helping you chart your way to marketing mastery. Most of them are 98% off, and it doesn’t take any marketing knowledge to know that’s a good deal.

Twitter for Mac doesn’t suck anymore


That didn't take too long, did it?
Photo: Twitter

Twitter finally resurrected its Mac app with just about everything its users have been asking for over the past several… well, for a really long time. The update at long last looks much like the Twitter you’re familiar with on your smartphone or desktop browser. It’s complete with highly requested features like GIF support and group direct messages with up to 50 people, plus a dark theme for power users and more.

“Don’t call it a comeback!” Twitter wrote in the update description. “Twitter for Mac is getting the update you’ve been asking for.”

New iPhone app helps you form your dream band


The app made by a musician for musicians may just help get you discovered.
The app made by a musician for musicians may just help get you discovered.
Photo: Encore Music/iTunes

Alex Gorokhovskiy is like a lot of musicians – broke and in search of compatible bandmates. But instead of investing in recording demos or outfitting his own group, he’s spending on everyone else who has ever wanted to play music and be in a band.

Gorokhovskiy created the social media app Encore Music, which is a kind of place for musicians to gather. But to call it a social media platform, understates the potential business value of the app.

Facebook orders employees to switch to Android


Facebook's chief product officer has had enough of workers preferring the iPhone.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Facebook has a problem of iPhone love: too many of its employees prefer Apple’s device when given the chance between an iPhone and Android smartphone. This means that up until now, far less workers have been able to truly live in an Android environment where they can identify bugs within Facebook and fix them. Now, the chief product officer is changing that by ordering some employees to switch to Android.

Twitter’s ready to make money off Moments


twitter #unused
Twitter didn't waste a single moment getting to monetization.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Just a few short weeks after Twitter launched Moments, it’s already gearing up to start the monetization process. Promoted Moments will have brands curate some of their favorite tweets from around the service relevant to the promotion and pack them neatly in Twitter’s newest feature.