Chinese Apple Watch clone costs just $63, but is it any good? [Reviews]


Has time run out for more expensive smartwatches?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch is one of the more affordable devices Apple makes. But a lot of people are still understandably hesitant about shelling out a few hundred bucks on a first-generation gadget they’re not sure they need.

If this describes you, check out our video review of a $63 Chinese Apple Watch clone, the (deep breath) Lemfo Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone GSM Pedometer Fitness Tracker. You may even come away surprised …

Win a chance to wire up your smart home with Amazon’s Alexa [Deals]

Enter to win a suite of smart home products, centered around Amazon Echo.
Enter to win a suite of smart home products, centered around Amazon Echo.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Making your home ‘smart’ means more than giving it a computerized brain — it takes a whole central nervous system. That’s exactly what this giveaway offers. It includes four devices that will transform how you interact with your house — from controlling your appliances and lighting, to the thermostat and even answering the door — all centered around Amazon’s hands-free hub, Echo, controllable via their digital assistant, Alexa.

‘Leaked’ Google smartwatches look absolutely boring


Learn to draw like Leonardo with Apple Watch Digital Touch Sketches
Apple Watch's design is lightyears ahead of Google.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

The design of Google’s first-ever Nexus smartwatches may have just been revealed months ahead of schedule thanks to a new leaked image that claims to show the company’s wearable.

Google is planning to take on Apple Watch later this year with not one, but two smartwatches powered by its new Assistant technology. However, if this leak is the real deal, it doesn’t look like Apple has much to be worried about.

The first Google wearables look totally drab: