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Look out, Snapchat — Facebook’s Slingshot catapults messaging to new heights

Facebook’s new Slingshot app takes aim at Snapchat by putting a new spin on photo-messaging. Instead of simply relying on disappearing pictures and videos, Slingshot promotes back-and-forth conversations.

How does it work? You must unlock “slings” you receive before you can look at them. You do this by sending your own sling to the sender. See how the just-released Slingshot app works in today’s quick-look video.

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Easily Film Or Photograph Yourself With Your iPhone And The Woxom Slingshot [Review]

Woxom Slingshot

The Woxom Slingshot is ready to serve.

If you often find yourself using your hand to hold your iPhone while you film or photograph, please allow me to introduce you to the Woxom Slingshot ($15), the neat little gadget that makes it a snap to hand-hold your iPhone while you use its front-facing camera.

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Shot-Steadying SlingShot Camera Stand For iPhone

Shot-Steadying SlingShot Camera Stand For iPhone

Peeoooyngg! The one thing the SlingShot won't do is catapult your iPhone across the room

UPDATE: This post incorrectly stated that the SlingShot’s inventor, Charles Waugh, was also responsible for the AirClip iPhone grip. He is not.

It seems that there’s an almost infinite number of ways to stabilize your iPhone while taking photos and video, but possibly the most absurd – and at the same time extrmely practical – method so far is to drop it into this catapult-shaped tripod/slingshot.

I chuckled when I first saw it. And then I thought, “that’s actually pretty damn clever.”

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