Get Rid Of The Annoying, Anachronistic Faux Leather Book Trim From Mountain Lion’s Calendar And Contacts [OS X Tips]


Ahhhh. So much cleaner. Nice.
Ahhhh. So much cleaner. Nice.

Are you wondering why I said anachronistic? Well, seriously, the old-school world of fake leather and book bindings is goofy enough when it’s a real world item (unless it’s the sweet BookBook case for your iPhone…drool), but the skeumorphic leather and book bindings in newly-named Calendar and same-old-name Contacts apps in OS X Mountain Lion are ridiculous. I haven’t used a paper calendar or address book in years, even in the days before the iPhone. I know – gasp – there was life before iPhones.

Here’s an app that will remove this fugly visual choice – then you can forever thank us for helping you use your digital world just a bit more, erm, digitally.