Meet The Android-Powered ‘Blackphone’ Designed To Stop The Spies



Having your phone calls listened to and your text messages read remotely is a genuine concern for many smartphone owners now that we’ve gotten an insight into the activities of the NSA spies. We’ve quickly learned that our seemingly secure devices are like an open book for those who have the knowledge and the power to get into them.

But the Blackphone, an Android-powered smartphone from Silent Circle and Geeksphone, is designed to ensure that your private data remains private, and cannot be obtained by even the snoopiest of snoopers. 

Silent Circle Will Keep Your iPhone’s Data From Being Intercepted

Silent Circle

No matter how careful you think you are, there’s always a chance that when you send an e-mail, text message, or make a call on your iPhone, someone could intercept it. For those who are concerned about security on their phones, a new suite of applications called Silent Circle will provide just the peace of mind you need to use your iPhone without worry.