How To Sign A PDF Form On Your Mac Without Printing It [OS X Tips]


PDF Signatures

As it turns out, I end up having to sign a lot of documents, such as contracts, IRS forms, and the like. Many of these are in PDF form (bravo), and some even let me fill them out via my keyboard (even better).

Unfortunately, they still expect us to print these babies out, sign them with a pen, and then get them back into some sort of digital format, via a scanner or picture with our iPhone or something.

Luckily, Apple’s own Preview makes all that superflous. It’s super easy to get your pen and paper signature onto a PDF. Here’s how.

Airmail Is A Gorgeous New Mail App For Your Mac, And It’s Just $1.99


If you’ve been looking for that perfect mail client for Mac since Sparrow sold itself to Google, then now’s the time to stop and check out Airmail, a gorgeous new mail client that just hit the Mac App Store.

It actually looks a lot like Sparrow, and it’s designed to provide you with a “modern and easy-to-use experience.” But it’s packed full of great features to give you everything you’ll ever need for your email. It’s also a bargain at just $1.99.

Create A Signature With Rich Text And Icons On Your iPad And iPhone [iOS Tips]



Getting tired of “Sent from my iPhone” as your mail signature on your iPhone? What about “Sent from my iPad?” Still bored? Yeah, me, too. I’ve changed my signature to something a bit more magical on the iPad, but I really didn’t think about adding some basic rich text formatting and some images in to really spice it up.

Lucky for me (and now you), Greg Sargent, student web engineer, has. Here’s how.