Two Keyboard Shortcuts For Faster Searching On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Search Shortcuts

Searching for stuff is a big part of what we do on our computers, right? I know that I use Google daily for searching, both for topical information as well as just plain old “where is that website” search. Both Safari and Chrome search right from the address bar, and Spotlight has been in the upper right corner of Mac OS X for several iterations now.

There’s a faster way to access your preferred search engine and Spotlight, however, using only your keyboard.

How To Replace Text Emoticons With Emoji [iOS Tips]



Sure, you use the Messages app to send along SMS and iMessages all day long. You know how to use Emoji’s, too, with a tap on the international keyboard button on your iPhone.

I bet you even use regular text emoticons, like semi-colon and parenthesis to create a wink, or colon and parenthesis to create a smile.

But have you ever tried to have your iPhone turn your text-based emoticon into an Emoji? I bet you haven’t.

Sync Your Keyboard Shortcuts Via iCloud In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Text Shortcuts

So, one of the great things that iOS introduced back in iOS 6 was the ability to synchronize your text shortcuts across devices.

So, for example, if you set up “@@” on your iPhone to expand to your email address, that same shortcut would show up on your iPad.

With OS X Mavericks, this ability comes full circle to your Mac, letting all iCloud-synced devices have the same text shortcuts on them.

Pocket’s Native Mac App Gets Twitter & Facebook Support, New Keyboard Shortcuts, More


Pocket now supports multiple Twitter accounts — if you're running Mountain Lion.
Pocket now supports multiple Twitter accounts — if you're running Mountain Lion.

Pocket brought us a terrific Mac app back in October, and just over a month on, it’s already back with a new update. This one introduces a nice stack of new features, including native Twitter and Facebook support for those running OS X Mountain Lion, new keyboard shortcuts, better Evernote sharing, and more.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Navigate Spotlight [OS X Tips]


Spotlight Shortcuts

Power users know that the more you can keep your hands on the keyboard, the faster you can get things done on your Mac. That’s the reason keyboard shortcuts exist, like Command-C to copy text, or Shift-Command-3 to take a screenshot. It’s perfectly acceptable to move your mouse to select the command from a menu, of course, but the keyboard shortcuts are just faster.

Spotlight, like most other OS X apps, has several shortcuts that can help you get around much more quickly.