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How To Really Make Use Of The iPad’s Picture Frame Mode [Deals]

CoM - KoalaWallWhite

Now that the iPad has a full-blown camera built in, more and more people are taking pictures with it. Even my old, original iPad has photos I’ve synced to it so that I can display photos in a larger format when I feel the need. But I rarely use the iPad’s Picture Frame mode because, well, considering the way I store the iPad it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But when I saw The Koala Wall Mount from Dockem–the latest deal at Cult of Mac Deals–I saw a whole new way to make use of the iPad’s Picture Frame mode that makes a whole lot of sense. And looks good in the process.

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The Headphones Dilemma: Do You Need More Than One Kind?


I’ve got plenty of headphones lying around the house — and I mean a lot.

I’ve got some in-ear style ones, earbud style ones (which generally came from a variety of iDevices), and a couple of pairs — “over ear” headphones — that cover my ears completely. The thing about headphones is that each type is suited for certain activities better than others, which means that having several pairs available isn’t a bad thing at all…especially if you’re into being productive like me and want to have as little friction as possible going from task to task (or, in this case, from audio-related task to audio-related task).

The in-ear and earbud style headphones are my “daily drivers”. They’re the ones I use for everyday activity, mainly because they take up very little space in any sort of carrying bag I’ve got and they just seem so…disposable. But I’ll use the earbuds more often for exercising (running, for example) than the in-ear ones because they are less likely to fall out while I’m being active. My earbuds and in-ear headphones can be found in various spots throughout the house, that way they can be grabbed quickly – no matter what I plan to use them for.

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Apple Depot Earbuds: Perfect For The Active Lifestyle [Deals]

CoM - Apple Depot Earbuds

If you’re active you know how many pairs of headphones you can blow through in a given year, so a nice extra set is always needed. This Cult of Mac Deals offer has just what you’re looking for – and at price you’re looking for as well.

These headphones combine high quality sound output with scientifically developed sound isolation that creates a music listening experience you won’t be disappointed with – especially for just $15.

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CamFind is a Better Google Goggles [Daily Freebie]


I’ve never had much luck with Google Goggles; it’s a fancy feature tacked on to the Google Search iOS app that’s supposed to return search results related to any item or text photographed from within the app. But it’s sent me shopping for dresses after I’ve snapped a picture of speakers, and  tried to conduct searches using text it thinks it’s found — when their wasn’t any.

Brand-spanking-new CamFind attempts more-or-less the same trick — only it’s better at it.

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Best Buy Plans To Setup Samsung Stores-Within-A-Store For Galaxy S4 Launch


For the last two years, Best Buy stores across the country have hosted a mini Apple Store within a store to bring more attention to Apple’s iMacs and MacBooks. As a point of solace from the barrage of tablets, desktop PCs, and laptops in Best Buys busy stores, the little Apple Stores give customers more time and space to play with Apple’s PC products, so Samsung has decided to take a similar approach with their mobile products.

To kick off the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Best Buy plans to setup a Samsung store-within-a-store in some of its highest traffic stores. Rather than hawking PC products, the Samsung store-within-a-store will focus on Samsung’s mobile offerings.

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Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Artwork With Instacanvas [Deals]

CoM - Instacanvas3rd

Ever post an Instagram that receives dozens or even hundreds of likes? If so, that sounds like it would be the perfect piece for your living-room that everyone is sure to love. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can hang “insta-memories” on your wall with the professional-grade canvas options provided by Instacanvas – and you can do that starting at only $28!

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Fly High With The Sub-Zero Helicopter [Deals]

CoM - Helicopter

Didn’t get that remote-controlled helicopter on your wish list this past holiday season? Well, this Cult of Mac Deals offer has got you covered. The Sub-Zero Chopper is the adult version of remote control fun and from Extreme Fliers – the leading brand of remote-controlled toys – you really can’t go wrong.

For only $29 (that doesn’t include cost of shipping) you can let that inner-child live on forever. Simply put, if you’re looking to add a fun little gadget to your life, the Sub-Zero Helicopter is it.

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Etsy For iOS Makes Your Hand-Made Christmas Shopping Easy [Review]

Etsy For iOS Makes Your Hand-Made Christmas Shopping Easy [Review]

They made you an Etsy for your iPad

New on the store this week is Etsy for iOS, and it’s beautifully done. Taking cues from apps like Flipboard and sites like Pinterest, Etsy is an exceptionally neat way of browsing and buying from the site that’s full of interesting hand-made things.

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The Secret Place Where Apple Hides Your Shopping Bags [Image]

The Secret Place Where Apple Hides Your Shopping Bags [Image]

When you walk into an Apple Store the only thing Apple wants you to think about are Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Surrounded by a minimalist technology paradise, nothing is supposed to distract customers. There are no cash registers, shopping carts, shopping bags, receipts or pretty much anything.

Well actually, there is a spot for the shopping bags, cash drawers, and receipt printers, they’re just all hidden from customers. Underneath tables in the store are little secret spots (like in the picture above) that hold shopping bags for customers along with a printer and cash drawer. Next time you’re in a store, take a gander under the tables to see what kind of stuff Apple is hiding.

A Deal That Will Bring Music To Your Ears [Deals]

A Deal That Will Bring Music To Your Ears [Deals]

The latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is natural fit for your audio needs – on more ways than one.

The Clarity Series CW31 In-Ear Wooden Heaphones are truly the “natural” way to listen. These eco-friendly headphones feature rich, natural sound with housing to match. The best of premium technology and long-lasting natural elements…and they can be yours for just $24 for a limited time.

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