Apple’s Irish data center is getting fast-tracked


A mock up of Apple's proposed data center in Ireland.
A mock up of Apple's proposed data center in Ireland.
Photo: Apple

The fate of Apple’s proposed data center in Ireland is finally on the fast-track.

After facing an 18-month delay due to an appeal from two Irish residents, Ireland’s High Court agreed to Apple’s request to speed up the legal process. Now instead of waiting until 2018, the court has to resolve the case within six months.

Simon For Mac: A Feature-Rich Server Monitoring Solution [Deals]


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After you’ve set your test parameters, Simon can notify you via Growl, speech, Twitter, email, and even text message whenever an update is available or a server goes down. Advanced users will enjoy extras like session capturing and multipage reports, but even less experienced users can quickly get up to speed with this flexible, reliable utility.

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Last Chance! The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course [Deals]


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How Mac Pros Could Be Redesigned To Replace XServes [Concept]


05-macpro03 (1)

With the death of the venerable XServe blade server at the beginning of last year, Apple has essentially abandoned the market for corporate servers. If you want to run a Mac server, Apple recommends the Mac mini with Lion Server, which is only really a viable option for small businesses.

Over at MacMagazine, reader Joseph Arthur had a great idea: why not redesign the Mac Pro slightly so they are stackable?

It’s a cute idea, and I get a kick out of the visual, but two problems: the Mac Pro looks like it’ll be killed off sooner rather than later, and the Mac Pro solution leads to the same problem the Mac mini solution had, in that centers can’t fit the machines in their existing blade racks. Still, pretty ingenious.

iCloud Mail Is Down For Many Users While Apple Works To Restore Service [Breaking]


Uten navn

We’re hearing loads of reports from both readers and Twitter that iCloud Mail & Notes is down. According to Apple’s iCloud System Status page, they are aware the issue is affecting “some” users and are working hard to get service restored, but between the various Siri service outages and now this, it’s clear Apple’s been having issues lately keeping their servers up against strong demand.

Is iCloud down for you? Let us know if you’re having issues in the comments. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

Thanks, Jørn!

AT&T Activation Overload Means Some iPhone 4S Owners Will Have To Wait Without a Phone [Confirmed]



UPDATE: AT&T denies it has activation problems. A spokesperson just sent us the following statement:

We had our most successful iPhone launch with more than 200,000 preorders placed in the first 12 hours last week. As customers are receiving their devices – and more are buying in our stores – we’re seeing completed activations across our servers and are moving requests through as quickly as possible. We’re not seeing any widespread delays at this time, though customers may experience minor wait times as more devices are activated.

AT&T’s activation servers have melted down, according to a tip we just got from an Apple store employee.