App Store search just got much smarter


App searches now have a lot more in store for developers.
Photo: Apple

A number of developers have reported noticing a difference in the way the iOS App Store now organizes search results. It appears Apple made changes around November 3 to the search algorithm to improve the relevancy of the results. Developers have identified multiple factors that are contributing to the new App Store search and overall, the changes are garnering positive feedback.

How to find the exact setting you need in iOS 9


Settings Search iOS 9

Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

iOS has so many settings in one app, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Whether you want to change preferences for an app or the operating system itself, a trip to the crowded Settings app can often be a frustrating experience.

iOS 9 — still in beta — has a solution for that information overload though: Search.

Here’s how to access it.

App Store’s ‘Explore’ feature powered by Apple startup acquisition


Could Apple really dump Google search? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Apple is trying to improve its search functions. Photo: Luke Dormehl/Cult of Mac

Considering how great its other products are, there’s little contesting the fact that Apple’s search functions have traditionally sucked.

That remains true to this day, although improvements are slowly being made — and proof of this is the newly-uncovered acquisition of a search startup called Ottocat, which now powers the “explore” tab in the App Store.