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Corning SVP Calls Sapphire Glass Expensive And Environmentally Unfriendly


In news that will come as a shock to absolutely no one, it seems that Corning Glass (makers of Gorilla Glass) aren’t big fans of Sapphire glass.

Asked by Morgan Stanley analyst James Fawcett his thoughts about “one large handset and device maker” planning to use Sapphire in its products, Tony Tripeny, a senior vice president at Corning Glass, responded that:

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Sapphire Glass, But Were Afraid To Ask [Q&A]


Sapphire glass was in the news again today, thanks to a jump in the share price of GT Advanced Technologies Inc. — the company which will reportedly manufacture the iPhone 6’s sapphire display.

With contrasting reports about sapphire’s advantages over Gorilla Glass, along with counter-reports from Gorilla Glass maker Corning, we figured the time was right to break down some of the questions about Apple’s latest wonder-material.

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Apple’s Sapphire Glass Manufacturer Gets Big Share Price Boost


GT Advanced Technologies Inc. shares received a nice boost on Tuesday, on the back of reports that Apple will use the company’s sapphire glass for its next generation iPhone cover.

GT shares posted a new 52-week high of $12.72, while analysts at Canaccord Genuity also raised their price targets on the company from $13 to $15.

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Arizona Bent Every Rule In The Book To Land Apple’s New Sapphire Plant


Now that Apple is making products in the U.S.A., every state wants to be in on the action. Especially Arizona, who was so determined to get Cupertino to choose the pretty town of Mesa as the location of its upcoming sapphir glass factory that they offered significant benefits — including tax breaks — to get Apple to move in.

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Apple’s U.S. Sapphire Glass Factory Might Open As Early As Next Month

Touch ID

Apple could open a sapphire glass manufacturing facility in Arizona as early as February, according to recently published correspondence between the company and state regulators.

Analyst Matt Margolis unearthed documents that mention the Mesa plant — described as “Project Cascade” — and note that it would be used to manufacturer “a critical new sub-component” for a future Apple product.

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The iPhone 6 Could Feature Solar-Powered Sapphire Glass Display [Rumor]


If Apple sticks to pattern, the iPhone 6 will be unveiled in September this year, and it’ll be the first major redesign of the flagship smartphone since 2011. So what does Apple have in store for us this year?

Most rumors so far have focused on the possibility of a larger display size, but a new rumor suggests that there might be more that is new about the screen than that: not only might the iPhone 6 feature a sapphire glass display, but it could also charge just by being laid out in the sun.

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Apple Spends $578 Million On Rumored Sapphire Glass Feature For iPhone 6


Practically everyone reading this will have heard the reports about the lengths Apple will go to in order to ensure that its products are on the cutting edge of industrial design.

Well, to those reports you can add the one which suggests that Apple recently paid a total of $578 million — more than half a billion dollars — to GT Advanced Technologies to speed up “the development of its next generation, large capacity ASF furnaces to deliver low cost, high volume manufacturing of sapphire material.”

This move is designed to help keep down the costs of the Sapphire Glass screen rumored to be featured as part of the iPhone 6 — along with a redesign and bigger display.

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