Spend Christmas Eve tracking Santa’s journey from your iPhone


Follow Santa' magical journey from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. Photo: NORAD

There are plenty of festive apps out there, but one of the quirkiest and most fun is the NORAD Tracks Santa app, which lets you keep real time tabs on Jolly Old Saint Nick as he carries out his gift-dispensing journey around the globe.

As one of the foremost authorities on tracking man-made objects in space, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has been tracking Santa’s progress for many years now. For those who don’t want to use the app, its possible to visit the Santa Tracker website, or check out the updates on Twitter.

Mall Santas, ‘rollover’ data, and our most-wanted gifts on The CultCast


Photo: izismile.com
Photo: izismile.com
Photo: izismile.com

Merry CultCast, boys and girls! This week: Santa gets a little “grabby”; Apple wins a major lawsuit; our iPhones deserve “rollover” data plans; the incredibly low payouts artists get from Spotify; and the high-end gifts we really want but will never get on an all-new Get To Know Your Cultist.

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Watch Every iPhone TV Ad Ever Right Here [Video Gallery]



Apple’s reputation for having the best advertisements out of all technology companies on the planet is well deserved. Not only are their ads phenomenal in quality, but they’ve made a certified crap load of them. The iPhone alone has enjoyed 84 separate TV advertisements over its five year exsistence, and now you can watch them all in one place. Adweek has compiled the entire iPhone advertising campaign into a single page so Apple fans can go through each ad chronologically, starting with the famous “Hello” ad that premiered at the Oscars in 2007, to the most recent one where a kid commands Siri to proclaim him a Rock God.

With so many ads, it’s hard to declare a favorite, but here’s a couple that we’re pretty fond of: