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Plans For New San Francisco Apple Store Could Be Derailed By Missing Fountain


Two weeks ago, plans for Apple to move its flagship retail store in San Francisco a couple blocks away to a new space in Union Square was met with a lot of positivity from politicians and city planners, and it seemed like a done deal. But perhaps not, because apparently, Apple’s plans for the new Apple Store also involve ripping up a beloved fountain currently on the same spot.

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Apple To Pay $53 Million In Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement For Faulty Liquid Sensors

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to settle its class-action lawsuit from customers. The iPhone maker used faulty moisture indicators in both iPhones and iPods that resulted in customers’ warranty claims getting denied.

Depending on which iPhone model you’ve own, you may be eligible to receive $300 in damages from Apple, according to the federal court documents that were filed in San Francisco.

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Apple Is Moving Its Flagship Retail Store In San Francisco To Union Square


Apple’s current flagship store in San Francisco is in something of a cramped location, so Apple wants to move it three blocks away, to Union Square.

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Undercover Police Are Trying To Get Rid Of iPhone Theft By Targeting Buyers


iPhone theft has become a huge problem. Mayor Bloomberg says if it weren’t for Apple’s shiny devices getting stolen so frequently, crime in NYC would have gone down slightly in 2012.

Despite the best efforts of the boys in blue, catching iPhone thieves is hard work. Police really haven’t gotten too much better at it, so they’re changing their target. To get iPhone thieves off the streets, cops in San Francisco are trying a new tactic: rather than waiting around on subways trying to catch thieves in the act of stealing iPhones, The Fuzz has started trapping the buyers of stolen iPhones.

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WWDC 2013 Tickets Just Went On Sale, Hurry And Grab Yours Now


Even though Apple announced the dates of WWDC yesterday, tickets for the event didn’t go on sale until today. Apple just flipped the switch on WWDC 2013 ticket orders, so if you’re hoping to make it to this year’s event, you better hurry up and get to ordering.

Apple sold out of tickets for WWDC 2012 within 2 hours last year, so we expect this year to be even more crazy. Going to the event will set your back $1599, not including your flight and hotel. The event will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco this year from June 10-14th.

Update: You never had a chance. Apple sold out of WWDC tickets within 2 minutes. 

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Apple Announces WWDC 2013, Kicking Off On June 10


Apple has this morning announced that its 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference will take place in San Francisco’s Moscone West from Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14. The five-day event will provide developers with a first look at the future of iOS and OS X.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, April 25, at 10 a.m. PDT.

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WWDC Ticket Alert Service Will Call You Once Apple Starts Selling Tickets


WWDC 2012 sold out in under two hours last year. It was insane. A lot of people on the West Coast didn’t even get a chance to buy a ticket because Apple announced tickets were available at 5am.

Everyone who’s really wanting to go to WWDC this year is probably looking for the best method to alert them on tickets, so Oisin Prendiville has created a service that will call you as soon as tickets are available.

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San Francisco Starbucks Still Haunted By The Ghost Of Steve Jobs’s 2007 Prank iPhone Call

During the historic 2007 iPhone keynote, Steve Jobs famously called a local Starbucks and made a prank order for 4,000 lattes… enough for everyone at the Moscone Center to enjoy. He then said, “Just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!”

Amusingly, that quick prank call to demonstrate the iPhone’s Maps and Phone apps is still resulting in prank calls six years later. And even more incredibly, the barista who originally took the call still works at that Starbucks!

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Find My iPhone Captures Suspected Muggers After High-Speed Chase


Apple’s Find My iPhone led San Francisco police on a 90MPH car chase last night which ultimately led to the arrest of three suspected armed robbers.

My normally sleepy neighborhood in San Francisco has been plagued recently with a string of violent and scary armed street robberies.

For the last week or so, a gang of violent perps have been robbing people of gadgets like their iPhones at gunpoint. But last night, an iPhone hit them back.

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15 Years Of Macworld History In Just 10 Minutes [Feature]


Even though Steve’s gone, Macworld is still an exciting show.

Macworld/iWorld 2013 is coming in just two days, and Cult of Mac will be there, reporting live from the showfloor.

Macworld has an amazing history of being the launching pad for some world changing products.  The iPhone debuted at Macworld. So did the MacBook Air. And iTunes. Again and again, products announced at Macworld have shifted the very pillars of technology.

Macworld is more than just a celebration on everything that is wonderful about iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apps, and the people who use them. It’s a summit that measures the very pulse of Cupertino’s incredible impact upon the world around us. With Apple at the top of it’s game, it’s more important than ever.

Not convinced? Here’s a ten minute history of the last 15 years of Macworld.

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