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David Hockney’s iPad Art Blows Up

A portrait of the artist with iPhones, from an iPhone.

A portrait of the artist from an iPhone.

Venerable pop artist David Hockney brought his art from the screen of the iPad to towering heights in San Francisco.

If you’re used to seeing his quick iPhone sketches on a screen, the 12-foot-high views to Yosemite are an eyeful. You can catch them at San Francisco’s de Young Musuem in the aptly titled “David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibitiion” until January 2014.

We’ll have more on Hockney’s stunning work and the exhibit in the November 2 edition of Cult of Mac Magazine, dedicated to mobile art.

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Apple Issues Invites For September 10 iPhone Event


Following weeks of anticipation, Apple today issued invites for a September 10 press event that will finally see the grand unveiling of its latest iPhones. The Cupertino company is expected to show off both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, and announce a public release date for iOS 7.

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Thieves Are Teaming Up To Take Your Smartphone In San Francisco


Thieves in San Francisco are reportedly forming teams and developing new ways to steal your smartphone. The various schemes they’ve devised usually employ one person to create a distraction while another nabs your device and takes off with it. But a more recent trend uses a phony good Samaritan who will actually return your device in the hope of receiving a reward.

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Get $100 Worth Of Expert Business Advice For $50 With Clarity [Deals]

CoM - Clarity

Whether you live in San Francisco or rural Canada, getting advice from those who’ve been successful is one of the best ways to move your business forward. This Cult of Mac Deals offer features Clarity, a service that helps you easily connect with top experts from around the world when you need them most.

Whether you’re growing your business, raising capital, marketing your product, performing market research, or sharpening your skills (just to name a few), there are thousands of experts on Clarity who have the answers. And Cult of Mac Deals has $100 of Clarity credit available for just $50 – but only for a limited time.

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Attorney General Calls For Apple, Samsung To Invent Ways To Curb Phone Theft ‘Epidemic’


The New York Attorney General has called for Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft to invent new ways to curb the ongoing smartphone theft “epidemic.” Eric Schneiderman wants meetings with representatives from all four companies, and he has urged them to “be as innovative in solving this problem as they have been in designing devices that have reshaped how we live.”

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Apple Releases WWDC 2013 App For iOS With Daily Session Videos


Apple has released a new WWDC 2013 companion app for iOS, which is designed to give developers the opportunity to follow the event each day. Designed for both attendees and those who cannot make it, the app offers a WWDC schedule, the latest news, daily session videos for registered developers, and more.

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Plans For New San Francisco Apple Store Could Be Derailed By Missing Fountain


Two weeks ago, plans for Apple to move its flagship retail store in San Francisco a couple blocks away to a new space in Union Square was met with a lot of positivity from politicians and city planners, and it seemed like a done deal. But perhaps not, because apparently, Apple’s plans for the new Apple Store also involve ripping up a beloved fountain currently on the same spot.

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Apple To Pay $53 Million In Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement For Faulty Liquid Sensors

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to settle its class-action lawsuit from customers. The iPhone maker used faulty moisture indicators in both iPhones and iPods that resulted in customers’ warranty claims getting denied.

Depending on which iPhone model you’ve own, you may be eligible to receive $300 in damages from Apple, according to the federal court documents that were filed in San Francisco.

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Apple Is Moving Its Flagship Retail Store In San Francisco To Union Square


Apple’s current flagship store in San Francisco is in something of a cramped location, so Apple wants to move it three blocks away, to Union Square.

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Undercover Police Are Trying To Get Rid Of iPhone Theft By Targeting Buyers


iPhone theft has become a huge problem. Mayor Bloomberg says if it weren’t for Apple’s shiny devices getting stolen so frequently, crime in NYC would have gone down slightly in 2012.

Despite the best efforts of the boys in blue, catching iPhone thieves is hard work. Police really haven’t gotten too much better at it, so they’re changing their target. To get iPhone thieves off the streets, cops in San Francisco are trying a new tactic: rather than waiting around on subways trying to catch thieves in the act of stealing iPhones, The Fuzz has started trapping the buyers of stolen iPhones.

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