Photos of alleged iPhone 7 dual-lens camera sensor leak


Got a new iPhone? Set it up right.
iPhone 7 might have to cameras in the back
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The first images of what could be the iPhone 7’s dual-lens camera leaked online today, giving fans a possible sneak peek at the future of iPhotography.

Apple is rumored to be including a dual-lens camera sensor on at least the iPhone 7 Plus. If the leaked sensor shown below is the real deal, it appears that one lens will be wider than the other to provide optical zooming.

Check it out:

Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone, killer Netflix tips, the FBI fight, and more


What's next? We've got some ideas.
What's next? We've got some ideas.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If the rumor mill is correct, Apple’s releasing a new 4-inch iPhone, possibly dubbed the iPhone SE, at its upcoming keynote in March. What the heck will it look like, what are the specs, and how much will it cost?

We’ve got a look at all the possibilities in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine, plus a look at why your iPhone battery will never last more than a day, Apple’s cryptic “loop you in” invite, a way to lock down your iPhone, and a ton of killer tips and product reviews to keep you informed.

All that, plus a bunch more, in this week’s issue. Here are the top stories for the week:

Apple event for iPhone SE, new iPad to take place March 21


Apple iPhone logo for general use.
The keynote is right around the corner.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

It appears we know just about for sure the date of Apple’s upcoming press event, and it’s probably not what you expected. Apparently, the Apple event to unveil the 4-inch iPhone SE and new iPad will happen on Monday, March 21. The rumor floated around a bit Friday morning, but now we have a much more confident report coming from BuzzFeed.

iPhone 7 and 5se concept puts pink spin on Apple’s 2016 lineup


Is this what the 2016 iPhone lineup will look like?
Is this what the 2016 iPhone lineup will look like?
Photo: Curved

The iPhone 5se could be the pinkest iPhone Apple’s ever made if you believe the rumors, but what if it came the body like an iPhone 6 instead of a 5s?

In a new concept of Apple’s 2016 iPhone lineup, the folks at Curved have put a pink spin on the iPhone 5se that’s expected to be unveiled on March 15th. They also created concepts of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that add rumored features like a dual lens camera on the 7 Plus and a simpler frame with fewer antennas and no headphone jack.

Take a closer look:

iPhone 7 may boast extra protection from electromagnetic interference


Apple chips are getting EMI shielding.
Apple chips are getting EMI shielding.
Photo: Apple

Apple is allegedly planning to beef up the iPhone 7’s shielding against electromagnetic interference this year with new protections for all of the device’s major chips.

The iPhone 7 may not be able to survive a devastating EMP attack — like the one presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been really worried about lately — but it should lead to better performance, according to a report out of South Korea claiming Apple has already hired StatsChipPac and Amkor to do the shielding.