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How Apple Will Make A Thinner, Lighter 12-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]


The MacBook Air already feels impossibly thin and light, but it’s set to get even thinner and lighter if a rumor out of Asia is to be believed.

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Dropbox Will Soon Let You Switch Between Work And Home Accounts [Rumor]

Photo: David Bleasdale/Flickr

Photo: David Bleasdale/Flickr

Dropbox is planning an update that will let you switch between home and work accounts, according to the Verge. The new service will be announced on April 9th, and will let users switch between accounts without logging out of either.

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When Gifts Go Bad And 2013’s Wackiest Apple Rumors On Our Newest CultCast

Cultcast iPad Mini new logo

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas CultCast time! This episode: a new deal in China hands Apple 770 million potential new customers; we cover some of the wackiest rumors of 2013; the Mac Pro delivers surprising results in performance tests; some of App Store’s best apps just went on sale; and we recall some of the best and worst gifts we’ve given or received!

Have a few laughs whilst getting caught up on each week’s finest Apple stories! Download new and past episodes of The CultCast on iTunes or hit play below and let the audio enjoyment commence.

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When Gifts Go Bad And 2013’s Wackiest Apple Rumors On Our Newest CultCast

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Video Comparing Slimline New iPad 5 With Fat Old iPad 4 [Video]

The secret iPad supply chain is starting to look as leaky as the roof of my 100-year-old building during a rainstorm. Only instead of aluminum saucepans covering every flat surface, there are aluminum iPad 5 parts strewn all across internet rumor sites.

The latest is this rather convincing effort from Unbox Therapy, and shows just how small the new iPad 5 case is compared to the fat monster we’re forced to use at the moment.

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Case-Mate Is Positive The iPhone 5C Will Launch On September 20th At 8AM


Case makers don’t always know more than the rest of us when it comes to when the next iPhone will come out, or even what it will look like. In a highly competitive market, case makers will routinely bet tens of thousands of dollars readying cases for iPhones that may not even exist, just in the hopes of being on the shelves at launch. Sometimes, though, case makers sometimes do have Far East assembly line sources who can give them leaked schematics of Apple’s upcoming devices.

So how to qualify this leaked render from Case-Mate, showing off a couple of iPhone 5C cases along with a very specific launch window.

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Graphite iPhone 5S And iPad Mini 2 Rear Shell Get Hands-On Treatment [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.12.25 PM

ICU has shared a new video that goes hands-on with the rumored graphite iPhone 5S and second-gen iPad mini rear shell. We first saw part leaks for a graphite-colored 5S earlier this week, and the backing shown in this new video comes by means of the same source, Sonny Dickson.

The graphite iPhone 5S is a relatively new development in the rumor mill, and it suggests that Apple will offer a fourth color for the device beyond white, black, and champagne gold.

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Star Wars Channel Could Be Headed To The Apple TV [Rumor]


This might just be the kind of rumor only a Hutt could love. According to self-professed “intergalactic” news site Jedi News, the Apple TV could soon get a new channel dedicated entirely to Star Wars on-demand programming.

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T-Mobile Employee Schedule Suggests Next iPhone Launch On September 20th


We’re still waiting on Apple to send out the invites for its all-but-confirmed iPhone event on September 10th. While Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone(s) that day, nothing substantial has been rumored about in-store availability, until now.

According to an internal T-Mobile employee schedule, it looks like this year’s iPhone launch weekend will be September 20th-22nd. T-Mobile has blacked out these dates so employees can’t take vacations, which is the typical all-hands-on-deck approach that carriers reserve for new iPhone launches. Another report has said that the new iPhones will go on sale in Japan on the 20th as well.

“Like all good rumors, we should take this with the standard “subject to change” warning but my sources suggest this could be iPhone related,” reports TmoNews. Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C next month, but it’s unknown if both devices will go on sale during the same weekend.

Hands-On Video Compares Gold iPhone 5S With Blue iPhone 5C

Gold 5S and 5C

Next-gen iPhone parts have been leaking like crazy this summer. There’s a new component or shell leak nearly every day now. Two new iPhone models, the 5C and 5S, are expected to come out this fall, and a new hands-on video compares the devices side by side.

AppAdvice is claiming its video shows “what may be Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C,” but at this point it’s a pretty safe bet that what is shown is legit. The iPhone 5 is also included for comparison’s sake. We’ve seen the blue iPhone 5C shell before, and the gold champagne 5C has been the most annoying relentless Apple rumor for the past few weeks.

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New Photos Of iPad Mini 2 Rear Shell Surface


This morning we were treated to some leaked images of an alleged graphite-colored iPhone 5S, but now Sonny Dickson has a new set of leaked next-generation iPad mini back housings to feast our eyes on.

The shells looks similar to ones we posted earlier this month. Based on the cases it looks like the iPad mini 2 will predictably have the same form factor as the original iPad mini with the option for 4G service or Wi-Fi only. The rear shell also sports the new embedded Apple logo, but is void of any other info, like whether it will really have a Retina display.

Here are some close-ups:

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