Add the crucial skill of coding to your toolbelt with BaseRails now 92% off [Deals]


Learning to code is like learning a second language: it’s best done fully immersed and with expert guidance. Unlike learning a new language, there’s nothing like the nation of “Code-topia” to visit (yet) where you can learn among the native speakers. And unless you’re already in school for coding, it’s largely up to you to find your own teachers and classes. Luckily, BaseRails Ruby on Rails Training offers a comprehensive education in one of the top programming languages on the web, Ruby on Rails, straight to your computer (who knows what kind of virus shots you’d need to visit Code-topia anyway).

Jumpstart a new career in IT management and security with 4 essential exam trainings [Deals]


Thinking about a new career in IT management and security, but not sure where to start? We’ve made it easy. This bundle from iCollege packages together four essential certification courses that train you exactly on what you need to know. Get it for $59 at Cult of Mac Deals today—at 94% off, a deal this good doesn’t come around often.

Sunday Deal Roundup: MacBooster And Learn Rails [Deals]


As the weekend comes to a close and a new week is set to begin, Cult of Mac Deals has two deals that are worth exploring.

Macbooster clears your hard drive of unnecessary files to free RAM space and deliver an instant performance boost. It also cleans out junk and unwanted files to free up more hard drive space. And the course offers you the understanding of how Heroku works while learning how to optimize your app to get the most out of the resources provided. Macbooster is going for $19.99 for a limited time and the Rails course is only $29.

Easily Build Web Applications With The Ruby On Rails Crash Course For Beginners [Deals]



Ruby programing is no joke and can get pretty complicated. The course being featured on Cult of Mac Deals this time around starts with the basics of the Ruby language so you can get up to speed and ready to roll.

This course specifically focuses on the features that are exploited in Rails to support productivity and quality. You then get lead progressively through the main features of the Rails framework and asoon enough you’ll be coding like a champ. And you can get this stellar course for the special price of just $19 thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

Last Chance To Learn Ruby On Rails The Easy Way [Deals]


CoM - Rails

This Ruby on Rails tutorial for beginners is the perfect comprehensive video guided tour of modern Rails web development. With this course you’ll get a grasp on the newest, most effective approach to web development as Micheal Hartl walks you through the entire Rails development process: installing and setting up Rails, designing Rails applications with MVC and REST, building dynamic pages, coding effectively in Ruby, implementing registration and authentication, adding social features, even testing and deployment.

This course — usually $129 — is down to its final hours of availability, so grab this Cult of Mac Deals offering while you still can!