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5 gorgeous analog alternatives to suit every Apple Watch budget

It's time for a showdown. Photo: Apple

It’s time for a showdown. Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch is a watch in as much as the iPhone is a phone: It bears a resemblance to its titular device, but does so much more as well. That said, Apple’s focus on inviting fashion and watch journalists to yesterday’s “Spring Forward” keynote shows that Cupertino does view its new wearable device as an alternative to analog watches.

Now that we finally have a price tag for all the Apple Watch models, we can compare a few classic alternatives you could strap on your wrist instead. You won’t get the apps, or the ability to beam your heartbeat to a loved one, but if it’s a stylish status symbol you’re after, these are the timepieces the Apple Watch needs to beat.

Check out our picks to see if Jony Ive’s proclamation that Swiss watchmakers are “f*cked” is really true.

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The Apple Watch is thin as a Rolex

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.31.42 AM

From the iPhone to the iPad, immediate reactions are always mixed on new Apple products, as the public struggles to wrap its head around Cupertino’s next bold idea. And so we hear a lot of warrantless criticism until the product actually lands on shelves.

One refrain we’re hearing a lot from Apple Watch critics is that Jony Ive may have dropped the ball with the Apple Watch design. The problem? To these critics, the Apple Watch’s casing looks shockingly thick.

As it turns out, though, this is largely an optical illusion. The Apple Watch isn’t really any thicker than a Rolex.

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The iRolex is the manliest iWatch concept we’ve seen yet


Apple’s rumored iWatch could give the watch industry a much needed shot in the wrist once its finally revealed, but what if Apple decided to make iWatch a platform like CarPlay instead of an actual product?

It sounds crazy but putting Apple’s tech in the hands of the world’s classiest watchmakers could yield better results than if Cupertino dives into the fashion world alone. In its newest concept, Curved imagined what Rolex could do with the iWatch and the result is the manliest smart chronometer a non-geek could want.

Checkout the full concept video below:

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What If The iWatch Isn’t A Watch At All?

What If The iWatch Isn’t A Watch At All?

What if Apple’s iWatch is’t an iWatch at all? What if it’s a spec, like CarPlay, that lets folks like Casio and Rolex put an Apple chip inside their watches to make them talk to your iPhone?

Problems solved:

  • Apple doesn’t have to get into the fashion watch game, or make “ladies” and “gents” watches.
  • The watch industry gets a shot in the arm (pun intended) as watches get useful again.
  • You don’t need a power-sucking display. The iPhone is the display.

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