Got ‘Android’ in your screenshot? You’ll find an app rejection in your inbox


Squint hard enough and you should see it.
Squint hard enough and you should see it.
Photo: Robocat

An iOS developer claims the latest version of their app has been rejected by Apple solely because a screenshot dared to mention the forbidden word “Android.”

It’s hardly noticeable — you’ll need to squint to see it — but Apple allegedly wants it gone just in case it reminds iPhone and iPad users that other platforms are available.

Thermodo puts the temperature in your pocket no matter where you are



Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but what do you use when you want to know the exact temperature where you are right now? That’s the question that drove app company Robocat to make Thermodo, a small thermometer that plugs directly into a smartphone’s headphone jack.

Thermodo by Robocat
Category: Weather
Works With: iPhone, Android phones
Price: $30

What makes Thermodo incredibly unique is the overwhelming amount of support it received on Kickstarter last year. The project raised over 10 times its original goal of $35,000. People clearly loved the idea of a portable thermometer for the iPhone, as over $336,000 has been pledged by backers.

Now that Thermodo is shipping and out in the wild, does it live up to the all the hype?

Thermodo, A Clever Thermometer That Integrates With Your iPhone [Kickstarter]


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 4.24.55 PM

There’s no shortage of weather apps in the App Store. Every week it seems like a new weather app is enticing us with beautiful graphics and a unique design aesthetic.

While the apps are plentiful, there hasn’t been any mobile-oriented hardware related to checking the weather. It’s an untapped market many haven’t given much thought to. In the age of the iPhone, what value does a traditional thermometer even have?

Robocat has already put out some great iOS weather apps, and now it’s launching a Kickstarter campaign for Thermodo, a physical thermometer which integrates with the iPhone.