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‘Tico Timer’ Keeps Track Without All Those Pesky Numbers

Tico Timer

Tico Timer — Education — $0.99

Here’s another app from the maker of the very clever Humming Timing. Developer Ricardo Fonseca made Tico Timer for children, and it counts down using animated shapes instead of numbers. So the clock will expire when, for example, all the squares disappear from the screen. Or when the large circle shrinks down to a point and disappears. And all of this happens while some very relaxing music plays.

The goal of the app is to teach kids a sense of time, but I’ll probably use it myself because it’s the most relaxing timer I’ve ever seen.

Tico Timer

This Clever iPhone Timer App Makes A Countdown Of Your Favorite Hits

Humming Timing

Humming Timing — Utilities — Free

I’ve featured timers here before, but this is one you should definitely check out.

Humming Timing looks at other time-keeping apps and wonders why they have to be so quiet. Its solution: to make a countdown using music from your iPhone’s library. So for example, you’ll put your cake in the oven, set the app for 35 minutes, and it will craft an exactly 35-minute-long playlist from your tunes and tell you which song to listen for for the end.

It’s basically a timer you can dance to. If that’s something you’ve been looking for.

Humming Timing