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The HuMn Wallet 2: The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Want [Deals]


Thanks to this Cult of Mac Deals offer, the days of lugging around a clunky wallet are over.

That’s a good thing. Clunky wallets are unorganized, unnecessary, and can even mess up your back. Anyone familiar with Kickstarter knows how prominent minimal wallets are, and that’s because there is a need. Meet the HuMn Wallet 2, the most successful minimal wallet on Kickstarter to date. This is the ultimate minimalist wallet that is built to last a lifetime. And Cult of Mac Deals has this exceptional wallet for just $49.99 for a limited time.

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Last Chance! The HuMn Mini Wallet: Functional, Stylish, Minimal, and 35% off [Deals]

CoM - humn

Meet the HuMn Mini, the mini version of the most successful minimal wallet on Kickstarter to date. This is the ultimate minimalist wallet – and it is built to last a lifetime.

The HuMn wallet has created a bit of a buzz with our employees and finding it’s way into a few of our pockets. Simply put, this wallet is a game changer. How many cards do you carry in your wallet that you use a few times a year? Cut the fat, get what you need from your wallet, and get on with your life.

Please note: This promotion is only available to our customers in the continental United States and includes free shipping.*

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Phone-Controlled, E-Ink Luggage Tags Coming To A Suitcase Near You

You can already check in to a flight online, so why can’t you check your luggage? With a new luggage tag about to be trialed by British Airways, you can. And you can do it with your smartphone.

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iPhone Bag Blocks Cell Signals — Just Like Airplane Mode

The Blokket is just about the most stupid, wrong-headed case I have seen in a while. It certainly looks nice enough, and I’d probably use it based on its cute tool-bag styling alone. But the case also blocks cell signals, letting you “turn off distractions” for a moment. I hope you like dead batteries.

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Fun Hack: The Digital Music Record Player

Here’s a fun little hack. It combines the convenience of digital music with the tactile pleasure of browsing through someone’s music collection and having something physical to pick up and look at. Flickr fella bertrandom put it together in his spare time.

Each plastic disk represents an album or a playlist. Inside each one there’s a RFID tag. To play it, put the disk on the cardboard box turntable, in which there’s an RFID reader connected to a computer. The music starts immediately.

Of course, you might argue that if you’re going to have a shelfload of plastic disks, you may as well just have a shelfload of CDs, which is perfectly retro enough for some people. But where would the fun be in that?