Eat off an iPad at this fancy San Francisco restaurant


Truffles served on an iPad plate.
Photo: Richie Nakano

A restaurant in San Francisco has begun serving food on iPads. Quince is using the popular tablets as plates in an apparent effort to appeal to younger diners. Each iPad plays a video of a water dog searching for truffles while you eat your meal off its screen.


This Amazing Pizza Compass App Will Point You To The Nearest Slice



Finding pizza late at night can be difficult. You go to one restaurant and it’s closed. By the time you make it to your next option you realize it sucks and there’s something better down the way. There’s a new app that’s going to change all that, and it’s called Pizza Compass.

Pizza Compass isn’t just an app, it’s a tool for slice success. The app basically helps you find the nearest pizza joint in a hurry. You can spin the pizza slice to discover pizza joints nearby and the slice will steam when you’re close to a good place.

You can share you favorite pizza spots with friends, find restaurant hours and see reviews so you know you’re not going to eat something that tastes like cardboard. It sounds like a silly app, but it’s probably the greatest tool ever invented for those that like to do some late night drinking on the town.

Check out the Pizza Compass promo video and just try and tell me you’re not excited to give into your next pizza craving:

Secretary Of The Navy Wants iPads For Executive Dining At The Pentagon


The Navy wants iPads in the Pentagon for executive dining room.
The Navy wants iPads in the Pentagon for its Executive dining room.

We’ve seen the iPad used in a range of workplaces. Although some are surprising, like industrial farming and the Vatican, most are a bit more pedestrian. The U.S. Navy is planning to use iPads in a way that is both pedestrian and very high-end.

According to a recent government contract that is up for bid, the Navy plans to include iPads in a revamp of its Executive Dining Facility in the Pentagon. The dining room is often used by the Secretary of the Navy and regularly plays host to high-level Pentagon guests.

iPad-based Restaurant POS System Saves Money And Frazzled Nerves [Video]


iPad-based POSLavu system saves money and streamlines restaurant management
iPad-based POSLavu system saves money and streamlines restaurant management

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the iPad integrated into a number of different workplaces. While most iPad in business stories focus on the freedom that the iPad offers, the story of the iPad and iPod touch in one Brooklyn restaurant illustrates that in addition to freedom and flexibility, adopting Apple’s mobile platform can save you a lot of cold hard cash.