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Apple caught in bidding war over sole iPhone display chipmaker

photo by Jim Merithew, Cult of Mac

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple wants to keep a tight grip on its supply chain, but it’s caught in a bidding war over a key component supplier for the iPhone.

Renesas Electronics has been in talks with Apple about Cupertino taking over a unit of the Japanese company that makes all the iPhone’s display chips. Apple has been interested in the purchase, but it’s now set to lose to a higher bid from Synaptics, a screenmaker that already works with Apple and its competitors.

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Apple Is Looking To Buy Beleaguered Japanese Chipmaker [Rumor]


When Apple starts sniffing around, looking to buy a company, it’s time to pay attention. That goes double if they make chips. Back in 2008, Apple purchased P.A. Semi, a low-powered chipmaker, whose acquisition soon paved the way for an entire series of revolutionary ARM based chips. And recently, Apple purchased a low-energy chip maker who could help power the iWatch.

Now Apple’s out to do it again, this time with Renesas SP, if reports can be believed. But what for?

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