Apple’s support site gets a much-needed makeover


Get help faster and more easily with the new Apple Support site.
Get help faster and more easily with the new Apple Support site.
Photo: Apple

Apple released a redesigned support site for desktop and mobile Friday afternoon, using its official Twitter account to call it out.

Now you’ll spend lest time trying to figure out the support site itself, Apple hopes, and get to the help you need faster, whether you’re using your iPhone, iPad or your Mac.

Uber’s new logo sure is a bit bizarre


Uber's new app icon is already getting insults.
Photo: Uber

Uber dropped a surprise announcement today that it has completely changed its logo and branding. The new logo is only slightly modified, featuring an altered font with letters that are closer together. The bigger news is the new app icon reflecting a total branding change. People already aren’t thrilled with it.

The picture you see above is indeed using the new Uber icon. It’s supposed to represent very small, simple forms of matter and technology coming together: atoms and bits.

Designers Set About Fixing The Mess Apple Made In iOS 7 [Gallery]



Okay, so not everyone thinks Apple has ruined iOS with its newfound support of flat icons and whacky, eye-stinging colors. In fact, some iOS users love the new look. But many think it’s a gut-wrenching mess. In fact, some hate it so much that they’ve taken some time to fix it.

User interface designers have taken to Dribbble to showcase their own iOS 7 concepts, and I think you’ll agree that they’re a welcome improvement.

This Is What iOS 7 Looks Like [Gallery]


Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.20.11 PM

Tim Cook just took the stage to unveil the latest version of iOS, the world’s best-loved mobile operating system. It’s iOS 7, a redesigned operating system for a new generation of mobile users who already take the iPhone for granted. And it’s a radical redesign: “the biggest change to iOS 7 since the iPhone.”

There are way too many changes to count here. Jony Ive has made a point that this is a vast simplification and clarification of iOS that was only made possible by a radical collaboration across all departments at Apple.

We’ll delve into more features soon. For right now, enjoy this gallery of iOS 7.