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The Real Reason Apple Doesn’t Want You Opening Your Mac [Comic]


Why does Apple put all kinds of weird screws on your Mac and iPhone that take an Apple Genius to unlock?

Because a little guy lives inside there doing all the work! HaaHAa! *rimshot*

Microsoft commissioned Eldon Dedini to make the comic above and a couple others back in 1985 to poke fun at the Macintosh. The comics were made for Microsoft’s marketing team, but weren’t distributed. To Microsoft’s credit, opening the original Mac was difficult as hell, and it took more tools than just a screw driver – and Apple certainly hasn’t made it any easier since then.

How Many MacBook Airs $1.1 Million Buys


Have you ever wondered what 1,107 MacBook Airs would look like? I sure hope not. I mean, hopefully you have more pressing things on your mind, like how to solve world hunger or where to get a burrito for lunch. But if you do fantasize about stacks-on-stacks-on-stacks of Apple products, then check out this massive order of MacBook Airs.

The entire pile includes 1,107 MacBook Airs. If the company just bought the baseline 11-inch $999.99 model then you’re looking at $1,106,988.93 worth of Apple hardware.

Have you ever seen a bigger stack of Apple products? Tell us your fish-tale in the comments.

Ruby Is A Nice New Reddit App For The iPhone And iPad

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 5.16.16 PM

If you use Reddit and own an iPhone, chances are you’ve heard of Alien Blue. It’s considered the go-to client for Reddit on the iPhone and iPad, and up until now it didn’t have any real competition.

A new app called Ruby for Reddit is out, and it offers a load of features while adhering to a more minimalist, clean design.

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Social Link-Sharing Service Potluck Launches iOS App


Potluck, a link-sharing service made by the same people behind Branch, announced today that its bringing its social network to the iPhone today with a brand new iOS app.

Rather than focusing on likes and retweets, Potluck is trying to position itself as a casual social network in hopes of drawing out the “lurkers” who usually sit back and read everyone else’s posts rather than engaging.

The central experience of Potluck is built around sharing and discussing links between a small number of friends, kind of like a more intimate version mix of Twitter and Digg. A desktop version has been available for the past two months, but the company says it sees Potluck as truly mobile experience and plans to release an Android app as well.

Here are the full release notes:

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Pebble Reaches 275,000 Pre-Orders, 1M App Downloads


Pebble has announced that its popular smartwatch has now surpassed 275,000 pre-orders, and more than 93,000 of them have been shipped since to over 150 countries since January.

The accompanying app for Android and iOS has been downloaded more than a million times, and the company has vowed to continue improving its development platform and give third-party app makers deeper access to the watch’s technology.

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The Guy Who Sold Apple’s Lost iPhone 4 Prototype Spills All On Reddit


At 21 years old, Brian Hogan became one of the most infamous people in Apple news when he found and sold a prototype of the then-unreleased iPhone 4 to tech blog Gizmodo. It was one of the biggest ‘gets’ in the history of tech journalism, but it tore Hogan’s life apart… and now he’s answering questions about the experience on a Reddit AMA (or Ask Me Anything thread).

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All The Shirts Apple Store Specialists Received Over The Last Five Years [Image]


Working at the Apple Store has its benefits. You get sweet discounts on Macs and iPhones. You get to talk about Apple products all day. And you get an endless supply of cool Apple t-shirts.

A Genius Bar employee posted the photo above of all the t-shirt’s he’s received while working for the Apple Store at the Westchester Mall in New York. There’s 45 t-shirts total, though Apple’s had many more that aren’t pictured. Which one has been your favorite?

Click here for a higher res picture.

Swype VP Confirms Talks With Apple


After spending several years in beta testing, the popular Swype keyboard made its official debut on Android earlier this week, and at the moment it’s only available on a small number of platforms. But there’s a chance that we could see Swype’s typing technology on iOS in the future.

Swype vice president Aaron Sheedy has confirmed that his company has held talks with Apple, sparking speculation that suggests the pair are working together to develop a “revolutionary” new keyboard — possibly for Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 update.

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The Teacher Who Illustrated This “Think Different” Chalkboard Was The Ultimate Apple Fan [Image]


Wow, this is incredible. Redditor Kepgnar works in the tech department of a charter school. Every month, one of the departments has to put together a message for the school’s official announcement chalkboard.

Here’s what Kepgnar came up with: a meticulously drawn “Think Different.” logo with an actually working QR code which, when scanned, leads to the YouTube version of the original commercial narrated by Steve Jobs.

How’d Kepgnar do the QR code? They designed it, then projected it onto the chalkboard and traced it. Talk about thinking differently.

Who Is The Average iPhone Jailbreaker? [Infographic]


If you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you are most likely to be an American male under the age of 30, you’re using either an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 and your phone probably crashes around once or twice a week.

Or so says, at least, the following infographic, cataloguing the responses of 400 redditors, trying to put together a picture of the typical jailbreaker. The responses are illuminating, but definitely put the geoscape of jailbreaking in very clear perspective. Check it out.

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