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Samsung Unveils $400 Shape M7 Wireless Speaker


Samsung has today unveiled Shape M7, a $400 wireless speaker that hopes to compete with the Sonos. It connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC, and there’s a handy companion app that makes setup easy on Android and iOS devices.

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Recommendations Coming To Rdio


You know what’s great about Spotify and Rdio? The fact that they both exist, and that they’re both great services. Why? Competition. It’s hard to think of two other arch rivals which are adding great new features to their services so quickly.

Today it’s the turn of Rdio, which has slipped recommendations into its music-streaming service, taking the pressure off you to pick a song for yourself.

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Rdio To Launch Free Streaming Service By End Of The Year


Before Apple is able to officially unveil its free new iTunes Radio feature, popular music-streaming service Rdio has revealed that it has struck a deal with Cumulus Media and plans to bring a free version of its service to the market.

The new deal will give Rdio users access to Cumulus’ 525 radio stations which will strip out localized traffic and weather details as well as be used to create playlists and other programs based on the stations and their syndicated shows, explains the New York Times:

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Spotify Takes On AirPlay With New ‘Spotify Connect’ Music Streaming Feature


Spotify announced today that it is launching a new way to streaming music to connected speakers around the house with its new “Spotify Connect” feature that is coming to a line-up of Spotify-supported speakers.

The new AirPlay-like feature allows you to walk into your house and seamlessly switch from listening  to your playlist on your iPhone to playing music on your living room speakers. You current listening session is synced up to the cloud so you can switch faster without stopping the flow of music.

Unlike AirPlay though, Spotify Connect will cost you some money as the feature will only be available soon to  Premium subscribers. Third-party OEMs are expect to roll out Connect supported speakers later this year.

Here’s a promo video on how Connect works:

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Rdio For iOS Gets Station Tuning, Improved Search, And Redesigned Collection


Apple’s iTunes Radio service doesn’t launch in the U.S. for a few more weeks, but Rdio’s been pumping some awesome updates into its iOS app to get ready. The latest Rdio update for iOS today added the much needed Station Tuning that’s been available on desktop since the launch of You FM earlier this month.

The Rdio 2.3.1 update also comes with a redesigned view for Collection that features a new album art view. Some UI tweaks and bug fixes were also tossed in for good measure along with improved search.

Here are the full notes:

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Rdio Launches ‘You FM’ Personalized Radio Stations To Take On Pandora


Rdio announced this morning that it is launching a new personalized radio station feature to take on Pandora and iTunes Radio. The new radio station feature, dubbed You FM, combines users’ listening history with track voting, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and more to give each user an individualized experience.

Users can tune stations towards familiar or adventurous sounds or pivot it based on your favorite tracks. The new stations feature is available now on the App Store, Google Play and the web.

Here are the other features Rdio added:

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Rdio Now Allows Up To Five On Family Subscription Plan


Rdio has updated its family subscription plans to allow up to five people to enjoy its music streaming service at once. The family plans aim to prevent sibling squabbles over just one Rdio account, and they’re cheaper than buying separate subscriptions for everyone in the home.

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Sony Music Unlimited For iPhone Gets Offline Playback, 320 Kbps Streaming


Sony Music Unlimited for iPhone has been updated to offer offline playback and high quality 320 Kbps music streaming. These features were first introduced to the Android version of the app back in January, so it’s nice to finally see them on iOS with the version 1.3 update.

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Rdio iOS App Updated With iTunes Radio-Like ‘Song Stations’


Rdio has released an update to its iOS app that brings a feature called “Song Stations.” Like Apple’s recently announced iTunes Radio, you can now create a streaming radio station based on an individual song in the Rdio app. You get unlimited skips, but no ability to vote or down-vote a track to refine the station.

Song Stations are created by tapping and holding on any song in Rdio. Another nice addition is a feature called “AutoPlay.” When a playlist, album, or station has ended, Rdio can start automatically playing similar music based on what you were listening to already.

Rdio costs $10 per month for unlimited streaming on mobile and the web. You can grab today’s update in the App Store.

Rdio Mac App Updated To Be Way More Friendly

Rdio, the Pepsi to Spotify’s Coke, just got an update to it’s Mac app today. For those of you following along on iOS, the changes will be familiar, complete with big and “beautiful” album art and a neat new “upcoming” view.

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