Spotify’s new ‘Behind the Lyrics’ playlists decipher your favorite songs


Rap Genius is partnering with Spotify.
Rap Genius is partnering with Spotify.
Photo: Spotify

Understanding what your favorite rapper is saying is finally going to get a lot easer, if you’re a Spotify user.

Spotify revealed a new feature going out to users, starting today, that allows you to look a song’s lyrics, as well as the meaning behind them. Songs will be compiled into a weekly ‘Behind the Lyris’ playlist that utilizes Genius’ collection of rhyme translations.

Rap Genius Launches iPhone App For Its Lyrical Breakdowns



Having just crawled out of its smackdown from Google, Rap Genius is back with a new app for iOS that gives you access the site’s breakdowns and explanations on all those pop songs you just don’t understand.

The Genius app lets you swim in the all the annotations for song lyrics, poems, and news articles provided by the Rap Genius community. Once you install the app it scans your iTunes Library to prep all your song lyrics. There’s also a Shazam like function that can find lyrics for any song that’s playing around you.

The app is only available on iPhone with no word on an iPad version or upcoming support for Android, but you can grab it for free on iTunes starting today.

Here are the full release notes: