You Won’t Believe How Much It Costs To Upgrade Your Mac Pro To 128GB Of RAM



Officially, the new trash can Mac Pro only supports up to 64GB of RAM. That’s a lot, but not necessarily enough for the performance-obsessed graphics pros and video editors that Mac Pro is aimed at.

For those that absolutely need 128GB of RAM in their Mac Pro, the memory maestros at Transcend have figured out a way to double the supposed “maximum” amount of memory in a top of the line Mac Pro.

But as with almost everything with the Mac Pro, don’t expect it to be cheap: it will cost you $2,480 to juice your Mac Pro up to that crazy extent.

Source: Transcend

Maclocks Lock For iMac Prevents Your RAM From Being Stolen For Just $50



Apple made it super easy to upgrade the RAM in its latest 27-inch iMac — so easy that hotels, schools, and corporations are now trying to prevent guests from stealing the RAM from their machines. But thanks to the new iMac lock and security kit from Maclocks, it’s no longer an issue.

For just $50, iMac owners can add a protective plate to the back of their machine that prevents the power cord from being removed, which in turn prevents the RAM panel from being ejected from the machine.

Upgrading RAM On The New 27-inch iMac Is Easy, Here’s How



The new iMacs are lovely, but the smaller units are hard as hell to get into if you want to make some upgrades of your own. The recent iFixit teardown of the 21.5-inch iMac revealed that you’ll have to unglue your display if you want to swap out your hard drive or add more RAM, even though it’s a piece of cake on the bigger, 27-inch iMacs.

Apple added a new feature for the 27-inch iMacs that makes swapping out RAM easier than a push of a button. Well, it’s almost that easy – here’s how to do it.

How Samsung’s ‘Internal Firewall’ Keeps It From Sabotaging Its Manufacturing Relationship With Apple



Apple just laid a royal beat down on Samsung in the U.S. court system over patent infringement. You’d easily think that the two companies are huge enemies that would gladly rip out each other’s hearts and drive over them with a steamroller.

Truth is, even though they’re enemies in the smartphone market, Apple needs Samsung’s components to build iPhones and iPads, and Samsung needs Apple to keep buying their parts to make money. Samsung products comprise 26 percent of the component cost of the iPhone, so to keep their smartphone and component manufacturing businesses separate, Samsung has created a strict ‘Internal Firewall’ to try to avoid conflicts.

iFixit Details Retina MacBook Pro’s Repair Limitations, Estimates Battery Replacement At $500


Fixing this baby will cost you an arm and a leg.
Fixing this baby will cost you an arm and a leg.

Following its Retina MacBook Pro teardown back in June, iFixit declared Apple’s latest portable “the least repairable laptop” it has ever taken apart. While some components aren’t too difficult to upgrade or replace, others — such as the battery and RAM — are near impossible without professional help. In its new repair guide, published today, iFixit details further repair limitations with the notebook, and estimates that a third-party battery replacement could cost around $500.

Best Buy Discounts New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air By Up To $140


Save a small fortune on your new Apple notebook buy ordering from Best Buy.
Save a small fortune on your new Apple notebook buy ordering from Best Buy.

It’s been just three weeks since Apple issued refreshes to its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and already they’re on sale at Best Buy, with up to $140 off the MSRP. That means you can pick up the base model MacBook Pro with Retina display — with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD — for $2,089.

iFixit Teardown Reveals New MacBook Pro Is ‘Least Repairable Laptop’ Yet


This is the new MacBook Pro without its fancy aluminum casing.
This is the what the new MacBook Pro looks like once you get inside.

Before the vast majority of us have even had the pleasure of signing for our new MacBook Pro delivery, iFixit has torn the notebook apart to reveal its internals. Although this is undoubtedly Apple’s best portable yet — what with its stunning Retina display, super speedy solid-state storage, and Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors — iFixit describes it as “the least repairable laptop” they’ve ever taken apart.

“Apple has packed all the things we have into one beautiful little package.” For consumers, this means incredible expensive repair bills, and little to no upgradeability at all.

SoulCalibur Finally Gets Local Multiplayer Over Bluetooth, Except On iPod Touch


SoulCalibur finally allows you to compete with friends over Bluetooth.
SoulCalibur finally allows you to compete with friends over Bluetooth.

We were hugely exited for SoulCalibur when the classic fighter made its debut on iOS back January. And while we were very impressed by Namco Bandai’s efforts, like many reviewers, we were disappointed by the lack of any multiplayer modes. After all, that’s what fighting games are all about, right?

Thankfully, Namco has now rectified that with an update that brings local multiplayer over Bluetooth… except for the iPod touch.

Adobe Releases First Flash Player 11.3 Beta For Mac OS X


The Flash Player 11.3 beta brings improved support for the Mac App Store, support for older graphics cards, and more.

Installing Flash Player on a Mac is a surefire way to ensuring all of your processing power and RAM is maxed out on a frequent basis. Whether you’re watching a video on YouTube or playing a simple puzzle game, the second Flash begins to load your system becomes an unstable mess.

Unfortunately, a lot of sites still insist on using Flash content, so you’re forced to install it or put up with a half-baked worldwide web. But it’s good to know Adobe is still hard at work on improving the experience. The company has just released the first Flash Player 11.3 beta for Mac OS X, which features all sorts of enhancements and tweaks.