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Yosemite will guess your next word as you type, just like iOS 8

Go home Mac, you're drunk! (Picture: Reddit user jilan)

Go home Mac, you’re drunk! (Picture: Reddit user jilan)

The QuickType/Predictive typing feature found in iOS 8 has made its way to OS X Yosemite.

Although a similar feature has been used in OS X since at least Snow Leopard, accessible by hitting the ESC key, this ups the functionality by not just offering an autocomplete/autocorrect feature, but actually suggesting entire untyped words which can go on to write complete sentences.

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See how third-party keyboards will ease typing in iOS 8

See how third-party keyboards will ease typing in iOS 8

iOS 8 introduces many convenient features and enhancements designed to make your iPhone even easier to use. Among these is keyboard update QuickType and support for installing third-party keyboards on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. In today’s video, we’ll show you exactly how third-party keyboards work — and how they will change your interactions with your device for the better.

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