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Escape Screen Sharing Via Alfred Or Quicksilver Using Command-Tab [OS X Tips]

Alfred Screen Sharing

I use Apple’s built-in Screen Sharing app all the time to connect from my Macbook Air to my Mac Mini. It’s a great way to just quickly log in from the Air and restart a Minecraft server, for example, or get a screenshot of the latest OS X Mavericks beta feature.

I also use Command-Tab a lot on my Macbook Air to switch between running apps. However, I was never able to Command-Tab my way out of Screen Share, as the keyboard combination gets sent to the remote Mac Mini, keeping me fully in Screen Share Mode.

Until now.

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Quicksilver App Launcher For Mac Hits Version 1.0 After 10-Year Beta

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.55.11 AM

Remember Quicksilver? The lightweight Mac utility used to be the go-to app launcher on the desktop, but that was years ago. A lack of updates combined with the rise of more feature-rich alternatives like Alfred turned the attention away from Quicksilver long ago.

Now the developers behind the app are breathing new life into Quicksilver with a major update. Quicksilver 1.0 has been released, which marks the end of the 10-year beta period the app has been in since 2003.

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Launch Center Pro Looks Like Quicksilver For The iPhone [Video]

Launch Center Pro Looks Like Quicksilver For The iPhone [Video]

Launch Center Pro from App Cubby on Vimeo.

App Cubby has made a little teaser video for the forthcoming new app Launch Center Pro. As you may remember, Launch Center is kind of like Quicksilver or Launchbar for your iPhone — you fire it up and tap buttons to perform actions. You can quickly compose a Tweet, or tap a button to open the Mail app with a new draft already pre-populated with a recipient’s address, or even schedule a message, say, to be sent at a certain time (this will pop up a reminder in the Notification Center).

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Streamline Your Workflow Using Alfred [OS X Tips]

Streamline Your Workflow Using Alfred [OS X Tips]

I’m a longtime user of Quicksilver. I mainly use it to launch apps without having to drop into the Finder and use the mouse, but I know it has a ton of other features that allow power users and geeks alike to work more productively. With the rumored demise of Quicksilver hitting the internets once in a while, I’m always trying out new launchers, which brings us to today’s tip.

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Quicksilver: It Ain’t Over Yet

Quicksilver icon

Patrick Robertson got in touch with Cult of Mac to tell us how keyboard launcher Quicksilver is getting on.

Yes, the very same Quicksilver that a few weeks ago I said had faded from the limelight. Not so.

According to Patrick, Quicksilver is alive and well and enjoying a new lease of life and a new website.

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Hacker Recovers His Quicksilver G4 Two Years Later [Video]

It’s Christmas Eve, and if you don’t have today off, you’re probably just counting down the hours, so why not count down a third of one with this: a recent Defcon talk hosted by a hacker named Zoz, whose Quicksilver G4 was stolen over two years ago by a burglar named Melvin Guzman.

How did Zoz know Guzman was the perp? Easy: he had OpenDNS installed so when Guzman brought the Mac on line — two years later — he was able to SSH in. He also had VNC installed, which allowed him to see what the thief was doing on his machine.

And what was he doing? Mostly browsing countless porn sites with names like “” as well as taking pictures of himself naked for online dating sites. Ultimately, Zoz was able to send the cops to the precise address of the guy who had stolen his G4 an entire country away, and recover it… but not before he consigned Guzman once and forever to the pantheon of stupid, stupid thieves.