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Spins 3D Ties Your Brain In Knots [Review]

Spins 3D

Spins 3D is the latest game that’s left me scratching my head in complete flummoxation – if you need a brain teaser, it certainly teases brains.

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‘Mahjongg Dimensions’ is a Totally New Way to Play Mahjong [Must-Have Game]

‘Mahjongg Dimensions’ is a Totally New Way to Play Mahjong [Must-Have Game]

Mahjongg Dimensions($0.99) Universal – Games

Just like classic Mahjong, the main aim of this game is to use your creativity, speed, and memory by matching and removing all of the tiles before the times runs out, but Mahjongg Dimensions offers a whole new way to play. Rather than a set of 2D tiles, Mahjongg Dimensions is a rotatable 3D cube that requires you to explore each side in order to find your matches. The faster you match, the more points you’ll earn, and the points multipliers and bonus rewards ensure there’s plenty of excitement and intensity to keep you hooked.

For puzzle lovers, today’s must-have game is certainly worth its dollar price tag! I think it’s a great new way to play the classic game of Mahjong and offers a highly addictive challenge to those who are looking for something a little bit different.