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Pixelz Is Pure Tranqulity Through Color [Review]

Pixelz 1

Pixelz is a puzzle game because the developer Dariusz Cieśla says it is. The playing field is a autumnal spread of colored blocks, and a little indicator in the top right of the screen says “target 19.”

Pixelz by Dairusz Cieśla
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

Pixelz wants nothing from you (it’s free), offers no instruction on how to play it, and exists in a soundless tranquility many commuter gamers might appreciate.

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Moody Puzzler Platform Game Limbo Is Coming To iOS July 3


Limbo is an atmospheric platform puzzle game which has sold over three million copies across several gaming platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Steam, and the Mac App Store.

Developer Playdead announced recently that Limbo will now also be available on the iOS platform for iPad 2 and up, as well as the latest generation iPod touch and iPhone 4S and 5.

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$5 Friday: Tiny Bang Story Immersive Puzzle Game [Deals]

$5 Friday: Tiny Bang Story Immersive Puzzle Game [Deals]

It’s $5 Friday and we’ve got our first game deal for you!

Tiny Bang Story is a complex, immersive puzzle game based on a little moon with a big problem. This Steam-powered game can be yours for just $5 today, and if you like puzzle games, that sounds like a deal to me—Your Game On With The Tiny Bang Story: Help Restore the Lost Beauty & Population of an Entire Planet](

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