iPad Sales In China Jump 80% After Apple Settles Trademark Dispute




After settling a longstanding trademark earlier this year over the name “iPad,” Apple has seen a big increase in iPad sales in China.

Proview, a Chinese company, had “iPad” registered years before Apple unveiled the iPad back in 2010. For the last few years the two companies have disagreed on settlement terms, but Apple finally resolved the issue by paying Proview $60 million to secure the name. Since the settlement was reached in July, iPad sales have increased 80% in China according to one analyst.

Apple Agrees To Pay $60 Million And End iPad Trademark Dispute With Proview In China



Marking the end of the longstanding trademark dispute over the name “iPad,” Apple has agreed in Chinese court to pay a $60 million settlement fee to Proview Technology. Once the money is transferred, the settlement will officially end the court battles between the two companies.

Proview originally accused Apple of stealing its iPad trademark in February 2012 on Chinese soil, and the legal dispute has continued since. The U.S. California court ruled against Proview’s accusation earlier this year, and Guangdong High People’s Court reports that Apple and Proview have reached an agreement that Apple will shell out a cool $60 million to close the case once and for all.

Hong Kong Court Sides With Apple, Dismisses Evidence In Proview Case

Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a hurdle.
Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a stumbling block.

Proview’s legal battle against Apple over the use of the “iPad” trademark continues to drag on, but things haven’t quite gone to plan for the Chinese company. A Hong Kong court has sided with Apple and agreed that some of Proview’s evidence should be excluded from the case after it failed to comply with the court’s instructions.

Proview Snubs $16M Payout From Apple, Needs $400M To Pay Off Its Debts

Proview wants at least $400 million from Apple for using the iPad name.

Proview has long been battling with Apple over its use of the “iPad” trademark in China, but the Cupertino company has moved to put an end to the dispute by offering a settlement figure of ¥100 million (around $16 million). The problem is, that sum covers very little of Proview’s massive debt, and the company is demanding a $400 million payout instead.

The New iPad Makes Its Way To Another Nine Countries, China Not Included


The new iPad is now available in 57 markets worldwide, China not included.
The new iPad is now available in 57 markets worldwide, China not included.

Apple continues its rollout of the new iPad in nine additional countries today, making the sought-after tablet available in 57 markets worldwide. This is now the fourth phase of rollouts since the device made its debut on March 16, but one of Apple’s key territories is still without it.