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Updated Protex iPad Case No Longer Includes Women’s Underwear


Protex’s new iPad case is a big improvement on the original – aesthetically, at least. The folks at Higher Ground (the company that makes the Protex) sent me the original and I couldn’t bring myself to review it as it looked like a rubber boot with a stripper’s underwear sewn to the back.

The new one keeps the rugged design, but swaps out the stretchy, satiny X on the back for a cross-shaped silicone grip.

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Protex iPad Case Is Tough Enough To Take On A Four Year Old Child


The Protex iPad from Higher Ground cover looks to be just about ideal. It’s a regular-looking TPU rubbery rear skin, but it packs a bunch of features to a) stop you from dropping it and b) protect it when you do. And as a bonus, it also has the best, most minimal demo video ever.

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